Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Monday, October 14, 2013

The Story Of A Bear, Continued...

Does everyone remember back in August... a few weeks before I started my traveling... I posted about my teddybear Chumbawamba? Chumba had been through a lot with me, and had gotten really beaten up and wrecked over the years. This is a picture of Chumbawamba  that I posted then. 

I mentioned then that I was going to send Chumba to a stuffed animal hospital, where he would get fixed up. I sent him off right before I left. Coincidentally, the stuffed animal hospital was located in California. I had to start out my journey without him. It was probably only the first or second time I had left on a trip without him! So when I heard that Chumba was ready to come home, I had him mailed to my brother's house, where the two of us met up. Chumba was able to hang out with me for the rest of my travels... just like old times!

The place I sent Chumba to is called Realms Of Gold. I had done a lot of research about different stuffed animal hospitals, and I ended up choosing this one because I read about it on another blog. The blogosphere is the place I often turn to for advice! I was glad I did... Beth, who runs the hospital, kept in constant touch with me. She let me know when Chumba had arrived. She sent me choices about the types of fabric and fur available for Chumba. She sent me pictures of the results as they occurred. And she let me know when Chumba was safely on his way to my brother's house in California! 

Here is a picture of Chumba now. 

You can see that Beth found fur and fabric that very closely matches Chumba's original fur and the fabric on his ears and paw! The new fur is pretty obvious, because it is brand new of course. But as time goes on, it will wear down just like Chumba's original fur did, and it will be nearly impossible to tell that he had any work done.

The best part, to me, is that she sewed his poor head back on securely. Because my cat had ripped Chumba's neck, the rip was jagged and very difficult to sew shut. Over the years, lots of people had tried to sew him back together for me, but it always popped back open! Beth somehow managed to sew it securely, and now he really is just about as good as new. 

You may notice that he still has some dirt on his muzzle. Realms Of Gold also offers a service of cleaning stuffed animals by hand. I opted not to get that service, because I needed to try and save money, and I figured I can clean him off myself. (I still plan on it... just haven't gotten around to it of course! I haven't even managed to give my Small Dog a bath since I've been home!) 

(This is NOT a sponsored review... this is just me wanting to let the world know about a really great service I discovered! Beth, who runs Realms Of Gold, did a great job, and I wanted to share her info with everyone.)

Anyway, I just wanted everyone to see Chumba in all his glory. I know a lot of people (::cough cough my mom cough cough::) say it is really weird and immature for an adult to own and care about a stuffed animal so much. But I never tried to deny it, I am a little weird and immature, so I might as well own it, right? 

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  1. Awww, Chumba looks great! I'm sure he's happy to be home. :0)


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