Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Characters In This Blog

I thought I'd try to make a page about Who's Who in this blog! I know I always get confused when I start reading a blog for the first time, and I like to know who everyone is.

First of all, there's me... Angel the Alien! 

I am currently staying with my parents, but i just refer to them as Mom and Dad, so that is pretty simple.

I also have two dogs, Big Dog and Small Dog, aka Trixie and Lily! I love them so much! I really love dogs. I love all dogs. But of course Big Dog and Small Dog are my favorites.

I have one brother, known in this blog as Bro. My sister-in-law is Sunny, and my beloved baby nephew is Squeak! They have a dog named Pibble.

Then there is my Auntie M and Uncle J, and their dog Roo. They are awesome!

I will add more characters as they pop up in this blog.

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