Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Saturday, August 5, 2017

The Day My Head Almost Exploded

This is just a quick post which is more like an addition to my previous post. There was something interesting I wanted to point out, and I meant to put it in my previous post, but by the time I actually wrote that post it slipped my mind.

In my last post I wrote about how upset I tend to get when it gets close to the time for me to leave Chicago and come back here. My anxiety gets really high and I can hardly focus on anything. It tends to come in waves, where I will spend some time totally freaking out and bawling, and then I will be able to distract myself and be somewhat calm for a while, and then it will start rising again. This goes on and on for multiple days... meltdown, calm, panic, meltdown, calm, panic. And even during the "calm" times, I just mean I am calm compared to my previous state, but still very tense.

 During one of my somewhat calm stages, I went to CVS with my mom to pick up her medication. I was antsy and trying to amuse myself, so I took my blood pressure using the giant blood pressure machine in the pharmacy. I wasn't seriously worried about my blood pressure, because I've been to the doctor a few times recently and they always say it is fine. (My cholesterol is a different matter, but I digress...)

So I took my blood pressure, and it was 165 over 80! That fell into the highest possible category on the chart on the blood pressure machine that tells you whether you have high blood pressure. It said, "Stage 2 Hypertension."

I was amused by this and it sort of cheered me up for some reason. Not that I was cheered up about having Stage 2 Hypertension, but I was just distracted and interested about it, and that made me chill out a little. For years I have always tried to tell people that when I am feeling anxious, I actually feel physically ill, People are usually like, "Hmm, yes, sucks to be you," and try to explain that although I may feel like I am dying, I am fine.

But now I actually have proof that anxiety can effect your physical health. PROOF! My blood pressure was so high, I was surprised my head didn't explode.

So if you have high anxiety, this is a reminder to try to take especially good care of yourself during that time. I shouldn't even be saying that, because I am awful at that... my self-care tends to go down in direct proportion to how far my anxiety goes up. So I guess this is also a reminder to others... if you have people in your life who have high anxiety, try to take especially good care of them during those times. Because you wouldn't want their heads to blow off.

That is all.

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