Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Here We Are In Chicago!

Me and Lily chilling in the grass. She
didn't come to Milwaukee with me because
I felt like she needed a break after our
beach trip... so when I got to Chicago she
was so excited to see me and wouldn't
let me out of her sight! 
Gosh, I suck at thinking of titles for my posts, don't I?

Well, anyways, Lily and I have been in Chicago for almost 4 days now. We've been doing a lot of resting and recovering. I have, anyway. I don't think Lily has that much to recover from. But this past school year really kicked my butt. It broke my spirit and left me, as I told a friend not long ago, feeling like a shadow of myself. Now I often find it hard to focus on anything or really care about many tasks. That is why I haven't blogged in so long... I just didn't have the heart for it. Since I'm blogging now, I guess I'm starting to recover!

Lily is barking out the window and now I've forgotten what I was supposed to be writing about.

Oh yeah... so the autism conference left me with a new sense of ownership for my autism. I don't know if that is a good word for it. If Lily would stop barking I could probably think of a better word. When I was first moving to the Portland area, I was originally moving to Eugene, and I had found this organization called KindTree. They have this camp in the summer called Friends And Family camp that is for people with autism and their friends and family. I remember when I emailed them about it years ago, they said it was for everyone, including adults, wherever you are on the "spectrum" of autism. I really wanted to go to it, but because of my summer jobs or for whatever reason, I ended up not going. Now I think I want to go this year. It wouldn't be too hard to drive down there for the weekend. I think you share a cabin or something with other people... I'm not sure... but that would be okay. They have all sorts of cool camp activities. Should I go? Vote Y or N. Its at the end of August.

I will probably end this post for now because my dad got home and we are going to work on a Sudoku. My dad always does the newspaper Sudokus but he doesn't exactly grasp the concept of how to do them. He just sort of guesses at the numbers. I keep trying to explain to him that you can't just guess at them all, you need to have proof before you put in a number. I can do the 1 star ones in the newspaper pretty quickly but I have failed at the 2, 3 and 4 star ones. My dad, randomly guessing, gets almost to the end but realizes he has at least one mistake in every row. Today we're going to make a copy of the newspaper one and then we'll both do it separately and see who wins.

Yeah, I know, Chicago is WILD, man!

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