Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Paper Airplanes

For the past week or so, Tizzy has been obsessed with making paper airplanes. I had to look up on the Internet to find out how to make a decent one, and I figured out how to make two different airplanes really well. We use up tons of paper every day making more planes. Well, I use up tons of paper making more planes. I have tried to teach Tizzy how to make them, but his turn out looking like this... 

... and then he gets aggravated and throws it at me. So I make them for both of us, out of old worksheets, or copy paper that I liberate from the printer. We throw our airplanes in the hallway near the social worker's office, where there are no classes to be disturbed by us. Lately, since the weather has been nice, we've also been going outside. Our school is pretty relaxed, so I am allowed to take Tizzy outside by myself during the school day, whereas at some of the other schools I've worked at I wouldn't have even been allowed to take him out in the hallway alone! We spend most of our breaks flying our little airplanes, and Tizzy actually does more work and has less meltdowns when we've been spending time outside. There is something cool about watching the planes float through the air. Although once one landed on the roof of a portable classroom, and another got stuck in a tree!

In a few days, I will be taking a real plane ride back to Chicago to visit my parents. I am going to be gone for all of spring break, plus two extra days. I had to explain to Tizzy that I will be gone for two days, which made him sort of upset. I made a really detailed sub plan for whoever the sub turns out to be, plus I am going to leave some fun and easy activities for Tizzy's "work basket," and I am going to have to hope for the best!

Tizzy is so sweet. For a while, right after I was permanently hired as his 1:1, he went through a period where he was saying he hated me and wanted me to go away, he was hitting me and kicking me every day, etc. But then, suddenly, he stopped doing that, and now he hugs me and tells me he never wants me to leave. 

Today he had an episode where he didn't want to do work so he ran off, causing another teacher and I to have to follow him and eventually catch him so he wouldn't leave the building alone. Later, I was trying to help him understand about choices and consequences. I said, "When you choose to run away and be unsafe, Mrs. W gets worried..."

Tizzy interrupted, "I don't care, because Mrs. W is stupid and smelly."

"... and Miss Angel gets worried," I went on. 

Tizzy was quiet for a second, and then said, "You're not stupid and smelly." 

Coming from Tizzy, that is a major compliment!

I think about all of that time when I was subbing, when I was so nervous and anxious that I often couldn't manage to go to work at all. I think about all of the jobs that I applied for, when I finally decided that being an assistant would be okay... jobs that I never even got interviewed for. I wonder if it was all because I needed to be here, right now, for Tizzy? Do you believe in things like that?

I do.

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  1. I do, too!
    I am so glad Tizzy has you. He's securely attached now. You've made such a difference already!
    Enjoy spring break back home!


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