Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Do You Want Me To Write?

Dear everyone,
You haven't heard from me for a while! It has been about three weeks I think. A lot has happened, and I  have had a lot that I have wanted to write about in this blog, but I haven't had the energy. I've been pretty overwhelmed in life and I still am. I've been working pretty much full time ever since I got better from being sick in January... mostly at one long-term subbing job as a 1:1 assistant for a little boy with severe anger and behavioral challenges. When I come home from that, I'm pretty much exhausted, and sometimes I just can't make myself write. I've really fallen behind on my product reviews and everything else that I meant to blog about.

I've been doing a lot to organize my life lately. I actually have a personal organizer (my friend PJ volunteered for the job) and have been getting my room into a workable state. I made a visual schedule for myself that I follow every day. I think I could make myself a blogging schedule, something like, Write on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, read others' blogs on Tuesdays and Thursdays, do sponsored reviews on Saturdays, and Sunday is freestyle.

However, I just want to know... basically to figure out for myself whether I should get back into writing this blog, and how much of it is a hobby versus a serious writing project... how many people out there are actually reading, and how many would want to keep reading my blog?

You don't even have to leave a comment... you can use this anonymous poll if you want. Or if your answer is "no," you could just not answer at all. I won't be mad or anything... I am just trying to decide whether, and how often, to keep blogging.

Okay, thanks!

Do you want to continue reading this blog?

Maybe... this is my first time here
I don't really care.
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  1. Dear Angel:
    You should only write if this is important to you and helps your life...Im sure your readers would be fine if you only show up once in awhile when you need to. That is what I do with my blog because it doesn't make money for me and frankly I need to use it only when it works best for me and if it helps other people in the process...excellent:)
    You sound like you have a lot on your plate and it is ok to have your writing ebb and flow...that said, if it gives you support and is worth the time you put into it...keep it up. But if right now you are focusing on other things...that is good too. I wish you well. Glad u recovered from whatever you had and hope the job continues to go ok.

    1. I will just do my usual, "I agree with KMarie" thing. THis blogging thing is really beautiful so long as it's healthy and not a burden. Sometimes life intrudes - a little or a LOT.
      Thanks and love,

  2. Hi! It's William! Even though we don't read this all the time, it's nice to know you're there. And believe it or not, I'm having kind of the same problem with the short stories on my blog...writer's block and all? By the way? Very nice background! But, the can is getting in the way of voting. Very bad cat! Peace! William

  3. Please keep writing if this is what helps you maintain your sanity. Don't feel like you have to write, but do it if you enjoy it.


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