Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Product Review: Simply Earth Pine Scotch Essential Oil

Hi everyone! Sorry this is going to be a short post... I just got back from my trip to California to spend time with my family, and I am feeling really sad today. I will write more about it later... but for now, just picture me with a black rain cloud above my head and a sad look on my face. It is hard to make myself do anything other than watch TV.  However, I remembered that I had this Simply Earth Pine Scotch Essential Oil to review, and I also remembered reading that pine essential oil can help with emotional release or stress relief. I decided to give it a try, and write about it as I go along.

How I feel now: Calm but sad. In low spirits. Listless. Also starting to have a headache, which I think is from crying so much in the past two days. (I don't know why, but crying jags always leave me with a headache!)

Using the essential oil:  The information I've read suggests putting drops of pine oil on a tissue or on your pillow and breathing it in. There is also the "direct palm inhalation method," which involves putting a few drops on your palms, rubbing them together, and then cupping your hands over your nose to inhale the vapors. This method is mostly used for emotional relief reasons, which is what I am going to use it for. It should only be used with oils that are safe for direct skin contact. I read that pine oil can cause irritation to people My skin is not particularly sensitive, but I decided to play it safe and put it on a wash cloth instead. Steam inhalation is one way to use essential oils. You can use an essential oil vaporizer or inhaler, but I don't have those, so my plan is to just get a wash cloth really hot, and then add a few drops of pine oil.

I did do that. I added about ten drops of pine oil to the wash cloth, and then cupped it over my face and inhaled. To my surprise, the scent was very mild, It reminded me, for some reason, of my Nona's house when I was a small child. As I inhaled more, I could feel the vapor going into my lungs. It feels a little bit like breathing in Vicks Vapor Rub, but much milder.

How I feel now: My headache has gotten milder, and I do feel a little less sad, at least for the moment. In DBT, one of the skills we learn is "self-soothing," which involves doing things to comfort all of your five senses. You could listen to music that calms you, for instance, look at beautiful art, or eat comfort food. Or, you could use one of your favorite scents. So it is possible that the scent of the pine oil, which brought up pleasant memories of my Nona's house, actually made me feel better. Of course it is also possible that the pine oil itself has properties that help calm the emotions.

I decided to try again, this time just using a dry paper towel to inhale the scent of the pine oil. Again, it is a very mild scent, and very comforting. I think I might sprinkle some on the collar of my pajama shirt tonight so that I can smell it while I fall asleep!

I've used Simply Earth products before, and I always feel good about it. First of all, they guarantee that their oils are 100% pure and therapeutic grade. Second of all, they donate 13% of the profits to organizations that serve human trafficking victims. The reason they choose to donate 13% is because the average age of a human trafficking victim is 13 years old. I am always proud to use a company that gives back to the community!  I know I will be looking for more Simply Earth oils in the near future!


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