Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Thursday, December 31, 2015

My Top Ten Posts Of 2015

Hi everyone! I am still not feeling too great... pretty homesick and having trouble getting myself to do things such as keep up with my blog... but I'm working on it! I at least thought I'd pop in here to do a nice Top 10 post for the end of 2015! I am going to link to YOUR top ten favorite posts from this year! The results from what you like... which I got from Google Analytics... were a little surprising! What do you think of these?

10. Maybe Nothing To Lose. This is sort of a sad one for me. I wrote about my big plans to start a preschool program for neurologically diverse children. I wanted to start it as soon as I moved out here. But due to lack of money and encouragement, I had to let that dream slip from my grasp. I still haven't given up on it. There is so much I hate about the public school system, that I no longer really want to be a part of it... I feel like I am helping to abuse children when I am working in these schools. I am still broken-hearted that it didn't work out. But maybe in the future...? 

9. Review: Peace Weighted Products Weighted Stuffed Animal. Well, this one is pretty self-explanatory. I am glad to have found out about, and shared, this awesome business!

8. Autistics Speaking Day. For this special Internet holiday,  I made a short movie about my everyday life. Definitely one of my favorite posts as well!

7. Trip to the Pumpkin Patch. You liked reading about how I got to go to the pumpkin patch that is owned by the family from Little People, Big World!  I also wrote about wondering if it was better to be with groups of more "low functioning" people where you were one of the most independent people there, or with groups of "neurotypical" people where you would be the least independent and possibly most isolated person there.

6. Little Lily Takes The Wheel. This is the one in which my dog, Lily, wrote about being a psychiatric service dog. One of my favorites as well! 

5. Not Knowing What I Need.  In this post, I talked about my frustration with not knowing what sorts of services and accomodations could help me, and the lack of availability of these things even if I did know what they were. Nice of you to let me vent!

4. My review of Stimtastic, the online store that is all about stimming.  I am glad my reviews are actually benefiting people out there! By the way, my aunt got me a new Snake Twist necklace to replace the one I tragically lost while hiking!

3. First Week of 1:1 Therapy or Counseling or Whatever. In this post, I started therapy and unwittingly convinced my therapist that I was suicidal. Interesting, for sure!

2. Conversation With My Mom About Autism. This is the post where my mom told me some things about my early childhood and how she came to find out (or, rather, not find out) that I was autistic. I also wrote about how the story of Stellaluna can be compared to a child with undiagnosed autism, growing up being told that there is something wrong with them, only to find out that the problem was that they are a bat trying to live as a bird. Good choice, friends! I like that one too!

The number one favorite? My review of Dose Of Nature CBD Oil.Since I wrote it in March of this year, it has continued to be the post with the most pageviews, You guys really want to learn more about how hemp oil can help you with ADHD! I have not used it for a while myself, so I can't give you an update on that. It is not quite in my budget right now. But I still do believe that it can be very helpful in treating everything from ADHD to cancer!

So those are your collective favorite posts from 2015. What about you, personally? Which posts on my blog did you like the best?

Thank you all so much for your support, this year and all of the years since I have started it. I hope to continue blogging for many more years into the future. I hope you all have a wonderful New Year!
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  1. I hope you get to open your preschool eventually. It would be so great for families with kids with special needs. I always like your posts - they're written from the heart :)

  2. I started blogging about temperaments in 2015.

  3. What I liked...was when you started up blogging again ;)

  4. It is so bloody hard to be an entrepreneur in this day and age. I think you are actually helping the kids you work with rather than abusing them. I sometimes feel similarly as a nurse because some of the medications we end up giving patients are really questionable.
    Encouragement is hard to find. I try to keep writing in spite of the fact that I rarely get any. I hope you will keep trying too!


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