Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Review: The Tile

Once in a while companies send me products that they want me to review on this blog. But today's product is different, because I approached them and asked them to let me review the Tile! I first read about it on, and I knew it was something I needed. I am always losing things. ALWAYS! Ask anyone who knows me. They will tell you that every day I spend a lot of time searching down the various little articles that are necessary for me to leave the house or do anything productive. I can be seen pacing around the house asking, "Has anyone seen my glasses? Where are my keys? Can someone call my phone? Have you seen Lily's leash? Where did I leave my purse?" I even lost my driver's license over the summer... and mysteriously, never found it. (I also lost my old Travel Monkey at around the same time, and I suspect the Travel Monkey stole my driver's license and absconded with it, and has stolen my identity!)

When my Tile arrived in the mail, my first decision was where to put it. The obvious choice was on my key chain, since it comes with a little hole in the corner to poke a key ring through. And my keys are pretty important, yet also very frequently misplaced.

Here's how it works. When you first get the Tile, you have to upload an app to your computer, cell phone, or tablet. Then, you create an account and sync your Tile to your app. When you are missing the item that has the Tile on it, you just go to your app,

First of all, the Tile has a GPS device inside it, so you can actually see if it is somewhere in your house, or if you've lost it out in the world. This way, you don't spend an hour searching in your house for, say, your wallet, when you left it at work or at your friend's house.

If you determine that the Tile is somewhere inside your house, all you have to do is push "Find" on your app. It will cause the Tile to play a loud musical tone, and keep playing it until you either push a button on the Tile itself or push "Done" on the app.

By the end of the first day of owning the Tile, I had already used it to find my keys once! (They were in my jacket pocket. Also, I was wearing my jacket at the time. I looked sort of goofy turning in circles saying, "I hear the noise, but where is it coming from?") The only frustration I had was that the app was sometimes a little slow to locate the Tile. It would report that it had "seen" the keys five minutes ago, but I would have to wait a minute or two for it to "find" them again. I am not sure if that is because there are spots in my house that are black holes, or what! Also, you seem to have to keep the app running at all times in the background, which can take up space and use up your battery more quickly.

An extra benefit of the Tile is that it is actually like having two Tiles in one, because you can also reverse the process by having the Tile find your phone for you.  If you have your Tile, you can push the button on it twice quickly, and it will make your phone play a special ringtone. Even if your ringer is turned off, the app will still play. And, loudly!

So, really, if I can just manage to have either my phone or my keys in sight, I will be in good shape. If I lose both at the same time, I am out of luck. But seriously the thing pays for itself. Sometimes I don't even bother looking for my keys, even though I'm pretty sure I know where they are... I just go straight to the app!

If you own multiple Tiles, you can add them to your same app, and then choose which one you want to find. I feel like I need about twenty of these. I would put one in my purse, one on my dog's leash, one on my glasses, one in my wallet, one on each of my chargers, one on each of my shoes, etc, etc, etc!

Some people also put them in or on their cars. Not only is this good for helping you locate your car if it gets stolen, but you can also find your car in a large parking lot! Which I totally have trouble with. Remind me to tell you about the freezing cold January day on which I spent an hour wandering through the mall parking lot with two small children because I couldn't find the car... and one of the children was not wearing mittens, which I hadn't thought was a huge deal since we were just running right inside the mall and wouldn't be, for example, wandering around outside for an hour. When the child started to cry and complain that her hands hurt, I nearly started crying myself! I ended up taking the children back into the mall to warm up, and I seriously considered having them wait alone inside the mall while I continued to look for the car. Which sounds really negligent, but my other choice was letting them get frostbit while we kept looking for the stupid car, and I figured I could search a lot more quickly without having to tote them along. (Don't worry, I didn't abandon the children in the mall, or let them freeze to death outside. We eventually found the car... I'd parked it in the lot on the OTHER SIDE of the mall! My point is, I sure could have used a Tile that day!)

I am really happy I have the Tile now, and I'm sure I will buy more in the future. (You can get one for $25, or a four pack for $70.) My only request is that they might create a tiny little one that could be attached to my glasses in an unnoticeable way, because although I lose my glasses every single day, I would feel like sort of a dork walking around with the Tile hanging down in front of my nose!

If you had a Tile, where would you put it?


  1. Oh I would so use this! For remotes, keys, Glasses if it was tiny enough, my purse and my husbands wallet:) he always looses it!

  2. I've been curious about Tile for a while now. Thanks for your review!

  3. I am debating getting these as a Christmas gift for the BF. Always losing things - It may be more of a gift for me ;)


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