Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Product Review: Darkiron 852 Stereo On-ear Portable Headphones

I am really lucky because I was sent a set of Darkiron 852 Stereo On-ear Portable Headphones for free, in exchange for writing a review. I was excited about reviewing these, because the headphones I have right now are actually the earbud kind. I bought them because they would be easier to travel with than regular headphones, but earbuds really hurt my ears and I end up not wanting to use them. But regular headphones always end up getting broken when they are crammed in my backpack, or when I fall asleep with them on. Since I am going to be traveling back and forth from Chicago a lot over the holidays, I really wanted a good pair of headphones that would hold up during my travels.

The first thing I liked about the headphones I received from Darkiron was that the ear parts can actually be folded in. Here is what I mean... 

This makes them way less bulky, and less likely to break in my backpack. They are also very lightweight, which definitely helps.   

I also liked that the headband part is padded and comfy, so I don't have to feel metal gouging into the top of my head. 

The cord is not made of regular cord material, but some sort of ropey thing that makes it unlikely to get all tangled up, the way most of my headphones do. I like that, because I hate spending time trying to pick apart a huge knot in a cord!

The sound is great, too! I am so used to earbuds, or listening on a regular speaker, that I forgot how cool it is to hear music on headphones. I feel like I can hear all of the different parts of the music, in different areas of my ear! I like to be able to feel the vibration of the music while I listen. 

One thing I was using these headphones for was listening to binaural beats. Binaural beats are a little hard for me to explain, but they are basically special rhythms designed to effect your brainwaves in different ways. You can find binaural beats for things like falling asleep more easily, improving your attention span, etc. I am not sure how well binaural beats work. That might be a post for another day. I do know that it is better to listen to them with a decent pair of headphones,  and these ones worked very well. 

Plus, they are great at muffling outside sounds. This sort of gave me an idea. I know that when I work with children with autism and sensory processing disorders, many of them like to wear sound-blocking headphones... the kind that don't have a cord and cannot be connected to anything, but are just meant to protect your ears. I've often wished I could use such a thing when I go to noisy places such as a bowling alley. However, other people tell me I'll look silly. (I guess it is more acceptable when you're a little kid.) My idea is that I could plug these headphones into my phone or iPod, but not turn it on. Then, people will assume I am just listening to music, and I'll blend into the scenery... but really I will be wearing them to muffle the noise. This is something I am going to try! 

These headphones have a mute button on the cord, so you can easily pause what you're listening to. They also have a built-in microphone. I am not sure what it would be used for... maybe for gaming? Or recording a podcast? 

At any rate, I think these headphones are going to work great for me. I'm really glad I got them! If you are interested in checking them out for yourself, you can find them on Amazon, here. 

That's it for now! About time for me to go hit the hay. Goodnight!


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