Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Little Lily Takes The Wheel!

Hi everyone! This is Lily! My sister and I used to have our own blog at Trixie, Lily and Sammy-Joe, but we haven't written in it in a long time, so Mama said I could have a turn writing in her blog! 

I am a dog with an important job. I am a Psychiatric Service Dog and an Emotional Support Animal. My biggest job is to help my Mama feel okay. I can help Mama by giving her tactile input (by coming over to her and getting her to pet me, or by licking her face) that helps her calm down when she is having a lot of anxiety or is upset. I can give my Mama deep pressure by lying on top of her or letting her carry me. That also helps her calm down. And I also help a lot just by going places with her. If Mama has to go to the store but she is having trouble leaving the house, she can take me with her, and it makes it easier for her to leave. Plus, if she has a bad dream, I can wake her up. That only works if she is talking in her sleep, because otherwise I don't know what she's dreaming about! If she is talking or yelling in her sleep, I go over to her and lick her and wag my tail. She opens her eyes and sees my happy face, and feels better!

Mostly I just help her by being there with her. Whenever Mama comes home from work, I am there to greet her, with my little tennis ball in my mouth. I like to sit by her, and I like it when she pets me and scratches my ears. 

I also get to do plenty of things that regular dogs do. We go hiking almost every day. Even though I am tiny, I can walk for three or four miles without stopping. When Mama offers to carry me, I run ahead because I want to be a big dog and walk on my own! I like to play in the river, but I don't like to go in over my head. I like to swim, but I'd rather just wade and splash around. I love to play with my little tennis ball. I like to go out on the back deck, push my ball overboard into the yard, watch it fall, and then whine for my Mama to go get it for me! 

I can go everywhere with my Mama. I have gone on the Max train and the Greyhound bus and the airplane. I am very good at traveling. I just sit nicely in my Mama's lap or next to her. Sometimes it is not very comfortable for either of us, because we are squashed together in a small seat. But I know my Mama needs me, and I want to be with her, so I put up with it! 

I am a smart dog. I understand most of what people say. But I am not a perfect dog! Sometimes I am naughty! I am still learning not to chase the cats. Mama has been teaching me by giving me treats any time the cats walk by and I don't bark at them. So now, when the cats come into the room, I go and find my Mama and bring her into the room so she can see me being nice to the cats! I even make an exaggerated show out of it by walking up really close to them and sniffing them, and then turning to make sure Mama is watching. Then she laughs and gives me lots of hugs and treats! 

Mama says that if you guys like this post, then I can write more blog posts for her. So if you want to see me, little Lily, blogging here again, then please leave a comment and tell my Mama you love me! 


  1. Lily sounds like a cute dog. By the way, I started something called the Compare and Contrast Challenge and want you to invite others to do it. I will compare and contrast myself with you to initiate the challenge.

  2. Lily sounds like a precious little doggie. I would love to read more posts from her or about her :)


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