Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Monday, November 23, 2015

Greetings From Chicago

My mom didn't send me the pics yet, but this is where we went!
Hi everyone! Just dropping another note today, although I am really too tired to write a real blog post! I am sort of slacking off, but tomorrow should be better! Today I had a pretty fun day. My mom had to go to the hospital in the city for her cancer treatment, so I went with her. Even though the cancer treatment was obviously not fun, we still had fun the rest of the time. We took the train down to the city, and then we had breakfast at Corner Bakery. I had Banana Honey Crunch pancakes, which I actually thought would be a lot better than they were. I thought the bananas, honey and granola would be in the pancakes, but it was just all sitting on top... so they pretty much just charged extra in order to put some stuff on top of the regular pancakes! 

After that we went over to the hospital for my mom's treatment. She had to get an IV drip which was about an hour long, so I mostly just sat around with her. She also had to get a really painful shot in her stomach. She is not getting chemo until February, but right now she is getting other cancer-fighting drugs and steroids and stuff. 

Then we walked over to State Street to look in the windows. Every year Marshall Fields (which is now Macy's) puts displays in their windows that tell a story for Christmas. The last few years, since Macy's took over, the windows were sort of lame. But this year they were pretty cool... they were about the planets. The only thing that disappointed me was that they didn't include Pluto as a planet! Poor Pluto. 

After that we walked around a little more and went to the Kris Kringle Market and looked at crafts and things. We bought some roasted nuts, which turned out to be cold. We thought they'd be served hot, but they were pre-roasted and just put in the paper cone. I thought to myself, "They still taste good, but if we wanted cold nuts we could just buy a box of them!" Half of the point of buying roasted nuts at an outdoor market is because they are supposed to be hot!

Next we started walking back to the train, but we stopped at Potbelly's because we saw the sign that said "Create Your Own Macaroni And Cheese." You were supposed to be able to add two toppings to your mac and cheese. We both like mac and cheese, so we ordered it with a topping of mushrooms. I've had it this way before with grilled mushrooms mixed in and it was delicious! But we were about to be disappointed once again... this was just regular macaroni and cheese, with some sliced cold mushrooms on top. I don't know why we were having so much trouble buying quality food today! It was like they weren't even putting any effort into it, they just wanted to sell as much as possible. Boo!
We ended up throwing the mac and cheese away because even the noodles weren't that great. 

Finally we went to the train station and took the train home, and then we got home and walked the dogs, and ate leftover pizza for dinner, and then I was very tired and passed out cold for several hours. Now I am about to go back to bed again. 

My mom took a lot of pictures with her phone today and she said she'd send them to me, but she didn't yet, so I will have to show you tomorrow!

Okay that is all for now. Goodnight, and have a pleasant tomorrow!

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