Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Friday, November 27, 2015

Good Friday Is Good

A photo I took in a free photo booth at a store in the city the other day. 
Hi everyone! I hope any of you who celebrate Thanksgiving had a good one! Mine was pretty good. Usually on Thanksgiving we celebrate with my mom's entire family... but this year they are experiencing some animosity amongst themselves. So my mom and dad and I had our own private Thanksgiving celebration. My mom and I made rhubarb pie, and macaroni and cheese, and my mom also made ratatouille (the Italian vegetable and cheese dish, not the movie about the talking rat) and mashed potatoes, and there was turkey but I didn't eat any because I try not to eat meat. Then we watched movies. 

Today, for Good Friday, my dad and I went to visit my Uncle D and had sandwiches with him, while my mom was at Physical Therapy. Then we came home and played three games of Scrabble, which none of us were very good at... the longest word on the board was only 5 letters long... until we got bored of it, and then we went downstairs and watched TV again. At this house most of our days end with TV. 

I only have three more days to be here. I am already starting to get sad... although it is not so bad, since I realize that it doesn't feel like it has been so long since the last time I was here, and it will be only a few weeks before I'm here again. I am definitely going to be with my parents for Christmas, whether I come back to Illinois to see them or meet them in California to see my brother. Also my mom has mentioned that she'd want me to come back in February when she gets out of the hospital, so I can help take care of her while my dad is at work. So it is definitely not like I'll be saying goodbye forever when I leave! And if I still lived here, we would probably not be spending all this time together, and instead I'd just be sitting around by myself. But still... this is my childhood home, and when I come back here everything just feels so familiar and comfortable. Auntie Em and Uncle J's house is comfortable and familiar too, but you know what I mean. I love Oregon, but at the same time it is hard to shake the displaced feeling I have when I am not in Illinois. 

If you are wondering about the picture in this blog entry, it is from a free photo booth I found in a store the other day when my mom and I were in the city. I have a confused look because I wasn't quite sure how to operate it... I was expecting some sort of on-screen instructions,,, or even to be able to see myself on screen... but I just pushed a button and a light started flashing. Then my mom jumped into the booth for the last photo. And now it is hanging on our fridge. 

I don't know what we will do tomorrow and Sunday. On Monday I am probably going to go with my mom to her treatment again. And then on Tuesday I leave. I hope I won't be too sad. I hate feeling sad. Don't ever go anywhere. You just end up missing everybody.

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