Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Friday, October 16, 2015

How To Make A Hanging Paperwork Organizer

Hi everyone! As you may know, being organized is a major struggle for me. I've really been trying to find ways of keeping my things organized. One of the suggestions I saw in a magazine recently was to use Wall Pockets, which are basically folders that hang on the wall. There are different versions of them, sometimes also known as hanging organizers. 

I don't really have the budget right now to go out and spend money on things, so I decided to look for a way to make my own hanging organizer. I found a few ideas online, but most of them looked sort of complicated, and some even involved sewing. SEW... I decided to come up with my own idea. What I came up with may seem pretty obvious, and I'm sure others have done it before... but I'm going to post it here anyways just in case anyone could use the inspiration. Ready? Okay!

Everything you'll really need is in this picture: Manilla file folders (I got mine in a pack of 25 for $2.00.) Regular old school glue. Regular old scissors. And I chose to use Washi Tape (WHICH, by the way, you can find at Dollar Tree these days in the craft section... except they just call it Tape Ruban. If you don't want to use Washi tape, you could use regular clear tape. 

You'll have to decide how many folders you want to use. The categories I decided to use were Financial, Bills, Teaching, Car, In/To-Do, and Out/Finished.  So, I used six folders. 

Step 1. Use tape to seal the side edges of each of the folders you are going to use. Leave the top edge open, because that will be the pocket! You could also take this time to decorate the folders any way you want. But remember, only the top half of the folders will be visible, except for the very last folder. 

Step 2. Take the first folder. Spread glue onto the bottom half. (The two strips of tape you see going across the folder in the picture are just for decoration. You don't have to do all that.)

Step 3. Glue the top half of the second folder onto the bottom half of the first folder. They'll be overlapping so you can clearly see the top half of the first folder, peeking out from behind the second folder. 

Step 4. Repeat this step for each of the rest of the folders. The top half of each folder should be glued to the bottom half of the folder behind it. 

Step 5. After all of the glue has dried completely, you can hang it on the wall. I used 3-M Frame Stabilizer Strips, and they've worked really well. You could also use 3-M hooks, and punch holes in the top folder to hang it on the hooks. 
I had fun making labels for each of the pockets, just using different fonts on Microsoft Word. 
Now you can just stick paperwork and mail into the appropriate pockets, where they'll be in easy reach when you need them! No more digging through your desk or peering into an accordion file! 

Since I like doing arts and crafts, I try to find organizational methods that I can turn into a craft project. It motivates me to actually use what I've created, in order to stay organized! Do you have any other organizational crafts? Please share! 

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