Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Street Photography

I have always liked taking pictures, but most of the pictures I take are of people I know, or my pets, or things like that. My uncle is really into photography, and he's been offering to teach me some things. He even lent me one of his cameras to use! 

One thing my uncle has mentioned a few times is that the photographers he admires the most do not take pictures of nature and landscapes, or inanimate objects, or even of animals. They take pictures of people. And not even people they know personally. More like, artistic photos of random people. Photographers who take interesting pictures of people seem to be the most popular. 

I thought that one reason people like to look at photos of other people... even people that they don't know... is that it gives them a feeling of connection. Here is an example.
Here is a photo of a tree. (I didn't take it. I found it on Google Images.)
When I look at this photo of a tree, I think, "Wow, that is a cool tree! Very beautiful! And the sky looks magical! So lovely."

Now here is a picture of a 6-year-old Afghan child refugee who was living in the slums of Pakistan when the picture was taken. (I found it on the website.)
When I look at this photo, I think, "Where is this little girl's family? Is she safe? What is she thinking about? Is she sad? Scared? Hungry? I want to learn more about the circumstances that led to her being a refugee."

My point is that nature pictures, landscapes, buildings, abstract photos, etc, may be beautiful and may bring out different feelings in the person looking at them. But photos of people make you think, and ask questions, and make a connection with the person you are looking at.

Both my uncle and I were interested in taking pictures of people. But we weren't sure how to go about it. If you ask people if you can take their picture, if they agree to it they are likely to pose or smile or fix their hair or whatever, and that can take away from the genuineness of the photo. But if you take their picture without asking them, they might punch you!

My plan was to try to take pictures without even looking through the camera viewer. I was trying to take pictures without being noticed. This resulted in my getting a lot of pictures of people's feet and elbows and stuff. But I did get a few good ones!
Here are the two best photos I managed to get. What do you think of them?

I also did take some non-human photography of interesting things I saw. Such as...
this silly iconic street sign. Probably everyone who has ever been to Portland has taken a picture of this sign. 

This building, which has been painted to look awesome, but seems to be empty inside. (Also why are the Apple and Shell Oil symbols included on the painting?) 

These buildings, just because I sometimes like taking pictures at weird angles. 

I took this picture because I was, for some reason, amused by the promise of "ALL NU E REVUE.". 

This hotel is not in Butte, so why is it called the Butte Hotel? I liked the sign because it looked old. 

This statue is called a Shi, or Fu, and is supposed to bring good luck and ward off evil. It is found by the gates to Chinatown in Portland. 

Another building I found interesting. 

This picture of a little kid dancing in a fountain turned out blurry, but I still liked it, so I Just made it even more blurry with the photo editor. 

I love these spinny things. I want to buy one, someday when I have enough money to randomly buy things. 

This one is actually me waiting for the MAX train. I was standing under the glass shelter and looking up at my reflection. Kind of cool, huh?

I think photography will be a fun hobby. What kinds of photos do you like to take? What kinds do you like to look at? 

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  1. Wow all of the photos are interesting. You're right, the homeless man in the first photo is very poignant and though he didn't notice you his dog did! But the second one really captures a feeling of being separate, invisible, and alone even with other people around. You are very talented.


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