Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Monday, August 17, 2015

Animals, Animals, Look At All the Animals

Hi everyone! I'm still trying to get back into the habit of blogging, but my computer crashes so much that often by the time I've been kicked off in the middle of what I'm doing nine or ten times, I'm too exhausted and exasperated to keep working on it! I'm getting a new computer sometime this week, so that should improve my writing habits. We hope!

My summer job at the day camp ended on Friday. I immediately started getting sick. It was like my body had been working so hard to stay well in the midst of all of those little kid germs, as soon as it knew I was done working, it collapsed! I pretty much slept straight through the weekend and on through today, and now I am feeling a little better.

I've been working on getting a little more established here, since I've come to terms with the idea of staying. I took Lily to the local vet for an exam and just to establish her as a patient, and I registered her so that she can get her new local doggy tags. I am waiting to get my own doctors set up, get my local driver's license, register my car, etc, until my next paycheck. (Like any good Mama, I had to take care of my Lily first!)

I've also had some more local adventures. Last Sunday, for example, Auntie Em and I went to the County Fair! I had never been to a county fair before... at least not that I can remember. (I think I went to the Wisconsin state fair once. I remember watching pig races and drinking rootbeer flavored milk.) The County Fair was fun because there were a lot of animals! Here are some pictures of me bonding with baby cows and goats.(Note that I am wearing two different shoes. I can do that now because I'm in the Pacific Northwest! I've been trying to let my own weird style come out more!)

 I really, really, really, really, really want a pet goat!

The fair also had some rides. Auntie Em went on the Tilt-a-Whirl and the Scrambler with me. We had a lot of fun and she said she felt like a kid again! However, when I went on one of my very favorite rides, Auntie Em chose to stay on the ground and try to take a video of me. She said there was no way she was getting on this one!

We were getting tired and were getting ready to go catch the bus to go home, when Auntie Em saw a game she wanted to play. It was the one where you try to throw a pingpong ball into a goldfish bowl to win a goldfish. Auntie Em said she used to be really good at that game, and it was only two dollars to play. And, guess what? 
We are now the proud owners of a fish! His name is Clark. 

I've also gotten to have a few more low-key but super fun adventures involving animals. 
For instance, we went to visit Auntie Em and Uncle J's friend, who has 12 goats and a very large goat-protecting dog. Here is me bonding with the very large dog (she is huge but gentle and wanted to give me lots of hugs) while a goat observes.

Another friend of theirs has just bought 10 baby ducks to teach his border collie to herd. I never heard of a dog herding ducks before, but apparently its a thing. We go over there occasionally to help look after the ducks. The other day, we had to give them a bath in their little swimming pool! Contrary to popular belief, when ducks are little they cannot be in the water all the time, because it takes a while for their real duck feathers (the water proof ones) to grow in. They need to spend some time in the water to learn how to be ducks, but after a while they start getting soggy and cold and need to be taken out. 
Here is a picture of me and a friend trying to keep all of our ducks in a row, while the border collie observes.

And here is me trying to warm up a soggy duck!

As you can see, this area is like Paradise for me! I am just looking forward to a time when I will have my own house with a yard, so I can get some animals of my own. (But of course Lily will always be Top Dog in my eyes!)

This is getting to be a long and winding post, so I will end it here. I will keep you posted! (Haha, get it? Posted? Eh? Oh, never mind.)

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