Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

I Have To Admit It's Getting Better

Maybe at summer camp I will meet my long lost twin!
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My last few posts have been a little frantic, but I have calmed down a little in the past few days. Being able to just focus on going to Oregon as a temporary and not necessarily permanent situation has helped a lot. I know I will feel better leaving here, if I can tell myself that I can come back, even for just a week or so this summer to regroup and reassess. 

I've been doing some research to try to find ways that I can get "out of my shell" once I'm in Oregon. I've found a few things that are actually especially for people with autism and other special needs, that might be a good start... I can go out and do things and learn my way around Portland, without the pressure of having to try to pass for normal. My Auntie Em says people will be much more accepting there and I won't have to feel so self-conscious, but I'd still like to start in my own comfort zone. Here are some of the things I've found...

There is a Recreation Club that goes on outings or does other activities once or twice a month. 

There is a place where you can sign up to go on outdoor adventures such as rafting, kayaking, etc, that are at a beginner level and where people with special needs are welcome. 

There are a few Meetup groups for people with autism or Aspergers that meet once or twice a month 

And... coolest of all... there is this weekend summer camp for people with autism spectrum disorders of all ages, including adults, and their family members and friends. It is four days long and you get to do all these camp activities and just get to be around others with autism and people who understand, You can rock and flap all you want and nobody will give you a second glance. There are adults and little kids and everyone in between. I so want to go there! This is in late August, and I definitely want to go... which sort of means I am already planning on being in Oregon in August, which proves that I do intend to stay in Portland, even if I do take a break back in Chicago some time this summer.

So yeah... so far, I am feeling confident about going out there, although it is still hard for me to say I am moving out there. I just say I am going out there. I know this is sort of playing a trick on myself, but you do what you gotta do!

In other news, I am delaying publishing the results of my reader survey, since I only have 6 responses so far. I think last year I left it up a lot longer and gave people a lot more reminders, and with this past weekend being Easter I don't think many people got the chance to see it. So I will leave this up until I get at least 24 responses, which is how many I had last year, and then I can compare! If you didn't take the survey yet, go here: It is quick, easy and anonymous! You can even skip the questions you don't feel like answering!

Okay, I am going to end this entry, because I am probably going to watch Breaking Bad with my parents for a while, followed by doing some more blog reading. I hope you have a good day!


  1. I like your approach to moving without the ominous sound of "finality!" That's how I clean my house sometimes when it's a disaster. I tell myself that I don't have to get the entire thing done in one day. I will just clean 3 things in each room! Then it's easier to go back and do 3 more and - presto! All done!
    I will go over and take your survey now!

  2. Yay! I'm so proud of you and how you're finding ways to take the fear out of this.


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