Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Friday, March 27, 2015

Review of CBD Oil By Dose Of Nature

A few weeks ago I was offered the chance to review a unique product that I think might interest some of you. It was a product I had always been curious about, so I jumped at the chance to try a sample. Before long, I received my little bottle of Dose Of Nature Redstrap CBD in Hemp Seed Oil. 

I know that for some of you, your eyes will narrow at the word "hemp," before you even learn what CBD oil is. For my most cautious and curious readers, I will start out by explaining what it is, and why I felt comfortable trying it out. If you don't want to read all the informational stuff, just scroll past it!


CBD stands for Cannabidiol. CBD oil is, basically, oil extracted from marijuana plants. However, it contains little or no THC, which is the substance in marijuana that will get you high. It may contain traces of THC, but according to this article in the Salt Lake Tribune, it is less than 3%, not enough to cause people to feel high.

Cannabidiol is a relative of medical marijuana. It can be used to treat people with chronic pain, and can help offset the side effects of chemotherapy. It can also be used to help treat a whole bunch of medical, neurological and psychological conditions, including autism, ADHD, depression, and anxiety. 

Usually you need a prescription for any form of medical marijuana, and it has to be legal in your state. However, hemp (the fiber of the marijuana plant, which is extracted from the stem) is legal in the United States, and is used to make many products... from rope, to paper, to clothing, to food. (You should try hemp milk, or hemp seed waffles! They are pretty good! You can buy them at Whole Foods or most other health food stores. But I digress...) Since CBD can be extracted from hemp, this particular version of CBD oil is actually legal, and considered a dietary supplement, instead of a medicine or an illegal substance. 

(I wrote to the people at Dose Of Nature and asked them tif they were completely sure their CBD oil is legal in the USA, and they sent me a long email explaining why it is. If anyone is interested in seeing the email, which is much more technical and detailed than I can write in this blog post, let me know and I will forward it to you!)

What have we learned so far, kids? Please take out your notebooks and copy this down. It will be on the test. 
1. CBD oil is a substance extracted from the marijuana plant. 
2. CBD oil contains little or no THC, which is the substance in marijuana that causes people to get high.
3. Dose Of Nature's CBD oil is derived from hemp, which is legal in the United States. 
4. Dose Of Nature's CBD oil is considered a dietary supplement, and not a medicine or illegal substance. 
5. CBD oil can be used to treat the symptoms of many health conditions. 

Okay, moving on to the review part. 


In a related story, a week or so before I received that email offering me a sample of Dose Of Nature, I went to my psychiatrist to update the prescriptions I take for depression, anxiety and ADHD. I've been taking one of these medications since December 30, 1999... just in time to survive the Y2K scare! I only have to go to the psychiatrist about once a year, for a short "check up." This year was the first year that I actually paid with health insurance. I've always self-paid or been on some form of county mental health aid. Since I have health insurance now, my psychiatrist surprised me by asking me to go get an EKG. She told me that one of my medications, when taken over long amounts of time, can mess up the rhythm of your heart! 

Yes, the medication that I am dependent on, the medication that makes it possible for me to do normal things like drive, work, and not kill myself, may slowly be killing me. 

The thing is, I am afraid to go off of my medication, because I've tried that before, with terrible results. But I have been curious about the possibility of replacing my prescriptions with some more natural type of treatment. Ever since I started considering moving to the west coast, I've wondered about whether I could treat my depression and ADHD symptoms with medical marijuana. I would not completely replace my prescriptions right away, but would try tapering them down and seeing what happened. 

My first challenge in trying the Redstrap CBD In Hemp Oil was to actually get it into my stomach. The instructions on the bottle say to take 20 drops a day. I can swallow any pill there is, but I have a strong aversion to any medicine I can taste. I can't take any cough syrup or anything like that. I will, reflexively, spit it out or start gagging on it as soon as I taste it. So I was worried about tasting this oil, which had a pretty strong scent. I don't know how to explain the smell... it wasn't bad, it was just strong. I first decided to try putting it on my sandwich (avocado and cheddar cheese) but I kept smelling it and it sort of made it hard for me to eat. Its a sensory issue, I guess. 

Since I couldn't put it on food, I decided to try a more direct method. I put the twenty drops in a small glass of water, added a squirt of lemon juice, and chugged it down. It looked kind of weird... like this. 
Its like abstract art! 
But it didn't taste too bad. In fact, I mostly tasted the sourness of the lemon juice. The oil didn't taste as strong as it smelled. 

Then I decided to take a more direct approach and just squirt the oil right into my mouth. I used the dropper to drop it into the back of my throat, like I was a baby bird and the dropper was my mother. It went down pretty easily! It had sort of a bitter aftertaste, but nothing overwhelming. This is how I have been taking it every day since. 
At least it tastes better than worms!

What were the effects? 

I definitely don't feel "stoned" when I take it. I don't start dancing around the room all crazy like the girl from Reefer Madness. I feel more of a subtle calmness. I've also noticed that I haven't been getting headaches and stomachaches since I started taking it. 

I haven't been taking it long enough to know if I'd be able to use it to replace my prescriptions. But I do intend to keep on taking it, and see what differences I notice in myself. 

If I order it again, after my free sample run out, I will probably order either the kind that comes in coconut oil or apricot oil, or the Sweet CBD drops that come in hemp glycerin. These options have a sweeter taste, and will be easier for me to take.

The only somewhat negative thing I can see about Dose Of Nature CBD oil is the price. A one ounce bottle of the kind I got is $79.95. In it's defense, one ounce sounds like just a tiny bit, but the bottle is about the size of a typical prescription pill bottle, and lasts about 30 days. Plus the product is pretty complicated to create, and is of a high quality. If I notice a big difference by the end of the month, I would be open to spending $80 for it. Some of the prescription medications I've had to self-pay for have been about that price or more. Still, some people might balk at the expense. I would say, if you're interested, at least spend the money and try it for a month, and decide if it is worth it to you! 

To sum it all up, I am completely comfortable recommending this product, and I would be interested in hearing from others who have tried it. 

Here are some links for more information about Dose Of Nature.

Dose Of Nature's website

Reviews by two other bloggers: Tom Paine's Ghost, and Dried On Milk.

Thanks for reading! I look forward to hearing your thoughts! 


  1. Very cool! I had never heard of this item before. I've just recently been considering seeking medicinal marijuana for my PTSD and Lyme disease pain. As I can afford it, I'll look into this. Thanks Angel!
    Your blog graphics are Awesome!!

  2. That could probably help me. Sudafed just kills my appetite.


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