Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Saturday, February 14, 2015

What's On My Mind These Days?

I don't know why I put this picture here. I just
like it. 
Hi everyone! Did you notice I was missing in action for a while? It is not that I meant to neglect this blog. It is just that I really, really, really have had nothing to write about. Nothing. Nada. Zip.

I am still working on my plan to start  my preschool program in Oregon. I've added a little bit to the website, I've even started making some lesson plans! (For me, planning activities and looking for ideas takes up the most time, and although I love doing it it can be exhausting, so I decided if I start now, it will be easier than trying to do it while working on getting a new business open!)

There is not much else I can do in the mean time. The thing that has been worrying me the most is how I will get a space to put this whole program in. You see, my credit is pretty crappy. I have never actually had a credit card, so it is not like I have a lot of credit card debt... just a lot of dumb things, like forgetting to return library books for six months resulted in a $100 fine at a time when I had less than $100 in my bank account, so that went to collections, and some other dumb things like that. I've been working on paying it back a little at a time, plus I have my student loan bill every month, which leaves me pretty burnt up by the end of each month.

So if I go to rent a space in a building, and I have no previous experience running a business, and I have crappy credit, it will be hard to get someone to rent to me!

Some people have given me suggestions, but I don't think they will work for my particular situation. For instance, several people have suggested that I ask a church if I can use space in their Sunday School rooms during the week. But because of the amount of sensory and large motor stuff and learning centers and what not, that would mean I would have to take everything I own home at the end of each day and rebuild it each morning! Plus I wouldn't be able to do the drop-in aspect of it, which would probably help me make more money.

Others have suggested I just start out with a tutoring service for kids with special needs, but the problem with that is, at this point, I really have to Go Big Or Go Home! I am not sure I'd be able to make enough with a tutoring service to support myself.

Besides, my heart is really in this.

So, other options... basically I will need to come up with enough money to pay ahead of time to convince a property manager to rent to me. I could also try to get a small loan, but... crappy credit. I found out there is a service where you can be matched with someone with good credit to cosign with you, and that might end up being my best choice, even though I'd have to pay a little extra. I could also try to find someone to be a "silent partner" who could put some things in their name, at least temporarily. But I don't know anyone who could do that. I've heard it is possible to find someone, but it would be a little nerve-wracking, since that person could potentially withdraw all of the money from your bank account and leave town! I'd have to find someone I could definitely trust!

Anyone who lives in Oregon, if you know anyone who manages property in Portland or something, maybe you could hook me up with some networking!

In other news... nothing. After a month-long dry spell, I've gotten back into subbing. It is crushing my soul slowly going okay. I've gotten into baking a little bit. Last week I baked some oatmeal dark chocolate chip coconut cookies, and my parents have been gobbling them down like there is no tomorrow! I meant to make them a sort of healthy breakfast cookie... but afterwards, I realized that, if I really wanted to make it healthy, I should have left out some of the sugar! But they were hella good. And really filling. And the week before that I made some super chewy chocolate chip cookies. No school Monday due to President's Day, so what kind shall I make then? Baking is way more fun than cooking, because the end results are tastier.

It has been super cold here. It is so cold inside my house, I am wearing sweatpants under my jeans, and I am wearing two shirts under my sweatshirt! There was a blizzard last week, and the snow was so high that we had to shovel a path in the backyard for Lily to go potty, as the snow was over her head!

And, yeah... boring boring boring. But maybe I will come up with something more interesting next week!