Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Daydreaming Towards Reality

I know you are probably getting sick of hearing about my Over The Rainbow idea. I mean, how much can a person possibly listen to a blogger talk about a business that doesn't, and may not ever, exist?

But, as my Auntie Em once told me, I can daydream it into reality. And as another aunt told me as we were having a talk at our Christmas celebration, if I keep taking steps towards my goal, I can achieve it. So...

Can I just talk a little bit more about it?

On the creative visualization side, I have made a Facebook page for the idea of the business. I will eventually turn this into the business's official page, but for now, of course, I am making it clear that this is a page to support the plan! I have 3 Likes so far. (Two of them are my own self.)

I also created a Pinterest board where I am starting to collect ideas, and an Amazon Wishlist for things I would like to have there. (Because Open Play hours will be one of the ways that I will be reaching out to the community and getting exposure, I would probably start with some larger things such as the play structure, and get smaller things from thrift stores and garage sales and what I already have. I also had a cool idea for a grand opening... I would have open play hours- including some special activities like story time, art projects, etc- on a Saturday before we officially open. Instead of charging admission, I would ask people to bring a new or gently used toy, book, or art supply to donate to us. It would be like a "shower!"

On the networking side, I posted on some Oregon-based message boards about my idea, asking for feedback, and one person suggested I talk to the Oregon Autism Society to see if I could survey their members.

I also did some research to see if people have created similar businesses and been successful. I found Kaitlin's Hideout here in Illinois, and Yikes Tikes in California. Both are sort of similar ideas. There is also Gigi's Playhouse, which started out in Illinois and is now nationwide. (Gigi's Playhouse is a nonprofit, specifically geared towards people with Down syndrome and their families.) So I definitely think this is something doable!

And here is my tentative, tentative, tentative timeline for getting it up and running.

January/February/March - continuing to sub here in Illinois, saving up money and gathering resources and ideas.

March/April/May - Going out to Oregon to stay with my aunt for a while, subbing there to make more money, getting a place to live in the area, looking into a space for the business to exist.

June - Actually acquiring a space, getting it set up, getting a business license, looking into advertising, etc. Possibly also teaching in a summer school class like I did last year (I could even go back to Illinois for a few weeks if I get rehired for the same place I worked in for the last few summers) to make extra money and stay on top of things.

End of July/beginning of August - Opening "shower" day for the community, open play hours (for a fee) during the week, recruiting kids for the preschool program, networking. First official respite Saturday.

September - Preschool begins! Business is in full swing!

October - I make a million dollars and say "toldjaso" to all the haters.

I have to admit, I do keep having these pangs of, "I'm wasting my time daydreaming about this." I haven't even mentioned it to my mom yet because she'd just tell me a thousand reasons why not to do it. I just keep having to tell myself, there is no reason on Earth why this couldn't become a reality. I just have to keep working on it.

My book With Love, From Angel is now officially available, and you can get it in a multitude of ways!

The full-color version is available on CreateSpace for $20, or Amazon for $18. You can also get it on Kindle for $7.00. But if you buy the hard copy on Amazon
, you can also have the Kindle version for free!

The black-and-white version is available on Createspacefor $10, or Amazon for $9.00.


  1. I'm not any kind of a business woman, however, I watch Shark Tank! Just from what I've learned there, I think you have a solid plan. I think the Sharks would agree. They look for things like this and get frustrated when an entrepreneur hasn't a clue about what's coming next! I do like your "open play time" feature. Parents so often need a safe place to drop their kids for just a while so they can do errands unencumbered. Best wishes - as always!

  2. I just really want to encourage you to go forward with this and to believe in yourself. I get so tired of people discouraging others. What would happen, I wonder, if we all encouraged each other.

    1. Thanks! I need all the encouragement I can get! Most people have been very encouraging (especially on this blog) but the people who discourage me the most tend to be the ones whose opinions I listen to the most... my own parents!

  3. Dreaming is free..It sounds like you have a great plan with heart behind it.. I will follow you on fb.. (:

    1. Thanks for following me on Facebook! I have 4 followers now! Dreaming is definitely free... and I hope my dreams don't get ahead of my dollars!

  4. sounds like you have a great plan in place! good luck with everything and dreams can definitely come true!

    1. Thanks! I do believe dreams can come true, especially if you put yourself in the right places... for instance not just sitting in my basement all the time wishing I was different!


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