Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Friday, December 5, 2014

No Particular Topic

This is a wayward post with no specific topic. I just wanted to give an update on a few things, so all of my thousands of twelve fans don't think I abandoned my blog! 

Okay. Last time I wrote, I told you about my idea for a learning center type place for neurologically diverse kids. I got lots of feedback from people who thought it was a great idea! I do seriously want to do it someday... maybe someday soon. This is the kind of thing that I wish I could just get up tomorrow morning and start doing. But there is a lot more involved. I don't even know all the things that would be involved! I'd at least have to get a building, get some sort of business license, do a bunch of advertising, and hire some people. I don't think the $209 I have in the bank right now would cover all of this! 

However, rest assured that it is definitely a long term plan. I've been thinking about it every day. In fact, if anyone has any advice on how to start a business, I'd love to hear it! I think I may still attempt to get a regular teaching job for this fall, hoping to work for a year or two to build up funds and credentials. But, who knows... if a job doesn't materialize, I might just put my plan into action earlier! 

Also, a few people have suggested that I should write a book. I am always working on my memoir, off and on. But I also got it into my head to write a book that is sort of based on this blog, that people could share with their non-blogreading friends and family members. So I am in the process of creating such a book. I say "creating" because it is more like an art project. I am writing it out in long-hand, with scratched out mistakes and everything, in different colored ink, with my own little illustrations. I want it to be really me, unedited, as if I am in the same room talking to the person. I am basically expanding on some of my blog entries about autism, ADHD, etc. 

My question to you is, what would you like to see included in this book? Do you have favorite blog entries you think should belong, or specific topics you think others would like to hear about? Let me know!

I hope to have the book finished by December 15. When you self-publish, you can really expedite the publishing process that way! So, it will be ready in time for Christmas, if anyone wants to give it as a gift! 

Meanwhile, I am nervous right now because tomorrow I have to take my grandpa shopping. I am not nervous about that part... he is fun to hang out with... but I am nervous about driving him. The whole reason he asked me to is because my grandmother has vertigo and cannot drive, and my grandpa is more or less blind. But I hate driving other people. I am very self-conscious about driving with other adults in my car. People can be very critical of others' driving skills. I am a safe driver, but I have poor depth perception and a terrible sense of direction. Plus I never know if others think I am going too fast or too slow, breaking too jerkily, etc. 

Only a handful of people have had the exciting privilege of riding as a passenger with me. One of them was my Auntie Em. Unfortunately, when I tried to back out of her garage the first time, I knocked the side mirror against the garage doorway. I told you I have bad depth perception. Other than that, it went pretty well though! The other people have been my parents for very short distances, and little kids who are too young to be backseat drivers. 

Also I have heard from my Aunt Bea, who gives them rides a lot of the time, and she says my grandpa yells at her a lot about her driving. 

So, yeah, something to be anxious about! 

So, I'm going to go scruffle up some dinner now, and I will let you know how it all goes! 


  1. Hi Angel!
    I do like your idea of a learning center and think it would be of great help to children. I would suggest starting small though. Maybe advertise yourself as a home visiting tutor. Once you acquire many students you can look into renting space and hiring additional teachers. I am not sure of any licensing requirements for tutoring one on one, but I can't imagine them being too strict if you were to start out with just a handful of students. Best wishes!

  2. Hmm...I just commented and it didn't post. I'll try to check back later and see if it reappears. Lol. It could be my crazy computer's fault.


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