Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Two Guys Telling It Like It Is

My topic for today's blog post just fell into my lap. Actually, it fell onto my Facebook wall when my cousin tagged me in a post. He and his fiance recently found out that his fiance's son has Aspergers, so they've been learning a little about it, and came upon this website. When I saw it, I knew I had to blog about it! 

The website is called Asperger Experts, and it is mostly centered around giving advice to parents and teachers of kids with Aspergers. One thing that sets this site apart from the rest is that the two experts are two guys with Aspergers. Their names are Danny and Hayden. I don't know how old they are... I'd say in their early twenties... but they were both diagnosed with Aspergers as children.To me this is really interesting, because many of the adults I know who have Aspergers were not diagnosed until they grew up... because when we were kids it wasn't really all that well known. Danny and Hayden are young enough to have grown up with a diagnosis and to have had some level of autism-specific guidance from their parents and teachers.But they are old enough and wise enough to look back on their lives and see what the adults could have done better for them. They're not spiteful. They seem to take everything in stride. What they want is to help other adults to understand the kids in their lives who have Aspergers.

Another thing about Danny and Hayden is that they both seem very introspective. Each of them went through some difficult times as kids, dealing with things like bullying and being misunderstood. Each of them became determined to change their own lives. They both work really hard on learning about themselves and taking control. Just the fact that these two dudes got together and created this website is very inspiring to me. I feel like they can not only offer great insight to parents and teachers, but be great role models to people (especially kids) with autism and other special needs. 

You can tell they have some background in business, because they've set up a lucrative business for themselves. They ask you to sign up for their email list, and once you're on the list they have a series of free videos about different topics related to working with, or parenting, kids with Aspergers. They also have several video courses for sale, In addition, they offer a coaching/mentoring service where they work with individual families on their specific goals and challenges. 

The only thing I wish is that they would speak a little more directly to kids with Aspergers. I know that their main goal is to be the voice of people with Aspergers and speak to parents and teachers, so that they can better help the kids in their lives. But it would still be cool to see some videos and articles with them giving advice directly to kids. (Maybe they do have such videos and I just haven't seen them yet!) 

Anyways, if you have autism or have someone with autism in your life, I think you should visit this website. Even if you don't sign up for mentoring or buy the videos, you can get a lot out of their free videos, Facebook page, and blog

In other news, I am feeling better today, and I actually helped my parents out by cleaning the entire basement. My mom often tells me I'm a slob, so I told her I'd be happy to clean any room in the house except for my room, which is a lost cause. (It's not dirty... just really crowded and no where to put stuff.) So she gave me the basement, which is usually my dad's job, so really I just helped out my dad and he got to do nothing. And, uh... yeah... that's really it for today! I'm going to go eat pizza! 

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