Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Monday, November 17, 2014

I'm Looking Forward To This

A few weeks ago I posted about why I have never gotten an official diagnosis of Aspergers, although I was told by a therapist that I probably do have it and I've generally assumed it to be true. In that post I mentioned that I really wanted to seek an official diagnosis, but that it is hard to find someone who specializes in females with autism. I had heard about Tania Marshall, an Australian psychologist who has become an expert on the topic and has written several books about it. She still has a private practice, and is willing to work with people via Skype. I wished I could speak with her and have an evaluation with her, but I thought it was out of my reach, because I didn't think my insurance would cover it and the fee was kind of hefty. 


A fellow blogger offered to pay for an evaluation for me! 

It sounds too good to be true, but I have an appointment with Tania Marshall in the beginning of December! Actually it is two appointments. It is a pretty in-depth assessment. You have two two-hour appointments, one of which includes a formal assessment. And you have to write a 3 to 4 page autobiography about your childhood. (I was thinking of finding some good excerpts from this blog to send her. For me the hard part might be limiting it to 3 to 4 pages!) If you wondering why it would be good for me to have an evaluation (some people have pointed out that there is really no reason to have one because what good do labels do anyways) you could read this from Tania Marshall's website. 

I am excited! But I am also nervous. Ever since I heard about Aspergers, way back when I was 17, I have believed that I had it. It explained so much. I've also been told by therapists that I probably do have it. My ADHD diagnosis explains a lot as well, but I have always felt like that is only a piece of the puzzle. On one hand, the evaluation may confirm what I've known all along, and give me access to more services and coping skills to help me do better in life. But on the other hand, she might say I do not have Aspergers or Autism after all, and I would feel a little foolish, like I've been lying to everyone all along. 

I can really hardly wait!

In the mean time, my cool new shoes came in the mail today. I got them from Vinted for a dollar. Aren't they cool? Too bad I will probably have to wait until spring to wear them outside! 

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