Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Monday, November 10, 2014

Here, Read These Old Posts, While I Take A Nap.

The trouble with NaBloPoMo is, you have to hear from me no matter what, even if I don't have anything exciting to say. Today, for example, there is no way I have anything exciting to say, it being that I slept just about all day! I wasn't feeling so well today. Maybe I caught some sort of germ from the hotel child care thingy! Germy little kids! Come to think of it, the floor of the hotel room probably wasn't the most sanitary place for babies to be crawling around on! Today I woke up at 6:30 in the morning to take tiny Lily downstairs so she could beg while her grandpa ate cereal. (She thinks she doesn't know how to go down the stairs, so she always wakes me up to take her down. I don't know why.) Then I fell back to sleep and didn't wake up until noon. Luckily, tiny Lily had found her way back up the stairs and was sleeping in my bed with me! I took a shower and got dressed and stuff, took the dogs outside for a while, ate lunch, checked my email, and then I fell back to sleep until 4:15. Then I woke up and did nothing until 6:00, had a Skype job interview, and ate some frozen tortellini for dinner, and now I am working on not falling asleep again! Jeez! Its like I'm halfway in a coma! 

Anyways, I still wanted to give you some sort of quality reading material for the day, so I am posting what, according to my site stats, are the five most popular posts on this blog, since the day I began it in April of 2013. 

What I Wish People Knew About Asperger Syndrome. Posted on August 17, 2013, this one had 307 views. A lot of parents of children with Asperger Syndrome seemed to enjoy reading this one. 

I'm So Old I Fart Dust. Posted on November 18, 2013, this had 312 views. I showed you some things I remembered from my childhood, and gave you the chance to guess my age! 

This Is Not A Real Mother's Day Post. Posted on May 11, 2014, this one had 440 views. I wrote about a family gathering where I actually enjoyed myself and felt like I did a pretty good job socializing. 

My Thoughts On Kelli Stapleton. Posted on September 5, 2013, this post continues to bring me the most views from non-regular readers. This is probably also my most controversial post. For those of you who don't know, Kelli Stapleton was a blogger who attempted to kill herself, along with her autistic child. I wrote about my thoughts and feelings, and I continue to get new comments on this! 

A Somewhat More Organized View Of My Room. Posted on November 6, 2013, this one boasted a whopping 4,551 views! Why did you guys like this one so much? All it was was a picture of my room, after I attempted to organize it. Apparently me cleaning my room was so shocking, it took the Internet by storm! 

Okay, that should keep you all busy for a while! I hope I feel better tomorrow! 

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