Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Capturing Snowflakes

Last night it started snowing! And this morning it was still snowing!

I was a little perturbed about the snow. It doesn't usually snow until December, and right now it is still fall, and there should not be any snow in fall. Anyone who has ever been to kindergarten knows that! The picture for "Fall" on the season chart is always a tree with colorful leaves, and the picture for "Winter" is a snowman. WHY CAN'T NATURE FOLLOW IT'S OWN RULES?

But anyways... I went outside to take my tiny little Lily for her morning pee and poo. It wasn't even all that cold out. The snowflakes were huge, and when they landed on the sleeve of my jacket, I noticed that many of them were so big, you could very clearly see their snowflake shape! Because usually when you see a snowflake, it looks more like a little white dot, unless you get out a magnifying glass or something. But these were big and fluffy and beautiful. So big that I wondered if maybe I could take a picture of an individual snowflake!

I went inside, dried off my little dog and gave her a carrot, got my camera, and went back out.

It took me a little bit of experimenting, followed by some photo editing, but I got some pretty interesting results. Let's take a look!

My first attempt... snowflakes on my jacket sleeve! It was kind of hard to do, because it required me to hold the camera in one hand while twisting to position it over my arm, while still being able to view the snowflakes... all before they melted! 

Holding a clump of snow. My hand looks really pruned from the cold!

Some snowflakes on the side of my mom's car. The problem I was having was that my point-and-shoot camera pixelates too much to really zoom in on a snowflake! But this still looks cool. 

These were on a snow shovel.

Snow shovel again! I love this one! 

After I went in and showed my mom the pictures I'd already taken, she suggested I try catching them on a piece of black paper. I didn't own a piece of black paper, but I decided to try it on this folder. The trouble is, they melted really quickly on the folder. I guess it was too absorbent. 

Another folder one. 

Still on the folder, but I managed to crop and zoom in on one individual snowflake, which was my original goal! 

Next I tried it on a black plastic tray that I found in my mom's basement. That worked pretty well. 

Still on the tray, but  I used the photo editor's "thermal effect."

On the tray, using the color tint effect. I love that one on the right, don't you?

On the tray, using the "extreme bkacn and white" effect. 

On the tray, using inverted colors!

On my dad's car window without photo editing. 

Aaaaand one more on the snow shovel! 

My dad suggested that I should compare all of the flakes and see if I can find two identical ones. Uh, maybe that can be your project for the day! 

I love taking pictures. These were really fun to do! I hope you like them! 

Okay bye! 

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  1. Snow is so beautiful and these pictures are amazing!-Ashley


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