Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Lights Out!

I haven't been working at all since my whole E-Town disaster. I really, really, really was hoping to not have to sub again this school year. But last week an easy job came up on my computer... subbing as an assistant in an early childhood program... so I decided to take it. Friday was the only day last week that I worked. By coincidence, my mom happened to be working at home that day!
The job I was at was a few towns away from where I live. Towards the end of the school day, there was a thunder storm. It was pretty short, and by the time I left, even the rain had stopped. 
So I was driving home, and first of all the highway was really trafficky. It isn't usually that bad so early in the day. (I left work at 3:30.) I got off one exit sooner than usual, just to get out of the traffic. And at that exit, the traffic light was out. That was my next clue that things were weird.
As I drove through my town, I was noticing a ton of branches and debris all over the place. Then, I made the turn into my neighborhood. And everywhere I looked, were scenes like this. 

I mean, everywhere!  Some people had entire trees land on their roofs! Some streets were completely blocked by fallen trees! I started wondering what I was going to find when I got to my house!

But thank goodness, my house was fine. My mom and my dogs were fine. My mom said Trixie (Big Dog) had started shaking and freaking out, and then the sky had gone green, and it had gotten super windy,  and when my mom looked out the window she saw our neighbor's tree falling down. So she took the dogs and ran to the basement. 

Our power was out. My mom and I started taking a walk around the neighborhood to view all of the destruction. We actually saw the Channel Two news at the end of our street, doing a report! It was kind of funny because all of these little kids were lined up on the sidewalk behind the reporter, just standing there quietly in the mud, hoping to be on TV!

We also saw that two telephone poles in our neighborhood had been knocked down. That explained why the power was out! 

Well, the power may be out for quite a while! Its annoying, because some people in our town have power, but our neighborhood was one of the worst hit. The power will be out for the rest of the weekend, and possibly longer. 

So how am I writing this, you may wonder? My dad went and got a small generator. He had to drive for an hour to find a town that still had generators in stock! We've been running it all day, so we were able to keep the refrigerator cold, and also charge our phones and computers. And we turned on one lamp. So it isn't horrible. The worst thing about it is just being bored. It is weird how much we depend on electricity in our day-to-day lives! Even for reading, because I have a bunch of magazines downloaded on my Kindle! 

I thought it might be fun to do some things like play board games together, but when I suggested it, my parents looked at me like I was crazy. And then they walked up to the bar, leaving me here in the darkness! Boooooo!

I have to end this post abruptly, because my computer battery is about to die. I will write again when I can! Enjoy your light bulbs and TVs, you lucky punks! 


  1. We had a tornado warning when I was at work the other night. It was a false alarm and despite the storm warnings we didn't get anything. If we had though, that would be interesting trying to get eleven people with varying abilities cramed into a smallish hallway. We aren't allowed to bring our residents into the basement!

    1. When I worked at a retirement home something like that happened! There had been some sort of outdoor event and a lot of people were outside, when the weather turned and the sirens went off. I was with a lady with an electric wheelchair, and she had to turn it off in the rain, so I was trying to push that heavy thing. We all had to cram into the hallway One lady ended up with a bloody nose from being hit by a tent pole! It was crazy!

  2. We lived in the mountains for almost two years and mudslides were a yearly occurrence. We were on the high side of the river. It mainly washed out roads and moved huge boulders around. I am glad that you all are safe and sound.


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