Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Monday, September 1, 2014

40 Before 40

I was reading the blog The Fairy Princess Diaries,where Jordyn, the blogger, was posting about her 30 Before 30 list. For people unfamiliar with the idea, it is like a Bucket List, except it is things you want to do before you turn 30. 

I have already passed the big 3-0, believe it or not (I don't really believe it myself) but I thought I might try a 40 Before 40 list. This may be a hard list, because I have actually done many of the things I wanted to do. In my younger days I was much better at fighting my anxiety, and I was also a little more impulsive. If I wanted to do something, I did it. I kinda wish I could be more like that now! My younger self was so much cooler than me! 

I may end up borrowing some ideas from other blogs as I work on this. I'll give them credit if I do. Lets see now.

MY 40 BEFORE 40 LIST (in stream-of-conscious order) 

1. Become a foster parent
2. Become an adoptive parent
3. Learn to ride a horse
4. Learn to play an instrument (Drums???)
5. Have farm animals
6. Grow my own garden and use it for food
7. Learn to drive stick shift
8. Hold a koala bear (Borrowed from My Thirty Things)
9. Go zip lining on a REAL zip line (not one that is only ten feet over the ground and goes over a corn field at the Autumn Fest) 
10. Swim with dolphins
11. Find a REAL best friend
12. Visit another country. (I sort of visited Naussea once. Is that a country? I don't think so. I spelled it wrong. You pronounce it Naw-saw. Yeah. I was there for like four hours once. But it doesn't count.)
13. Learn yoga well enough to do it on a regular basis. (Borrowed from La Petite Noob.)
14. Finish writing my memoir. 
15. Own a house
16. Make amends with some former friends I cut off ties with (Borrowed from Personal Excellence
17. Fly first class (Borrowed from Personal Excellence
18. Ride on the tallest roller coaster in the world
19. Donate bone marrow
20. Stay in a tree house overnight
21. Stay in a haunted house (other than the one I live in now) overnight
22. Climb a wall
23. Pet a penguin (also pet as many animals as I can!) 
24. Ride in a big rig (Ironically, my dad drives a big rig, but his company's insurance policy won't allow riders.)
25. Get hypnotized (Borrowed from Bucket List Journey)
26. Be in the audience of a TV show. (Borrowed from Bucket List Journey.) 
27. Be ON a TV show.
28. Learn to speak Spanish well enough to converse with others. 
29. Do one of those three-day-long walk-a-thons
30. Go on a really long roadtrip with no particular destination. 
31. See Niagara Falls
32. Learn to build a camp fire
33. Go on some sort of volunteer trip. Like a mission trip but without the evangelizing part.
34. Volunteer helping homeless teenagers
35. Get "Tori Joy's Smiles" back up and running. 
36. Improve my credit score. 
37. Rescue a senior dog or cat.
38. Get really healthy. (But I am NOT giving up Dr. Pepper, so don't even say it!)
39. Stay in a 5-star hotel
40. Have a family reunion. In Manitowish Waters, WI. 

Okay, so that is my list! If I can accomplish all of those by the time I am 40, I will feel like I've lived life to the fullest!
Do you have any more ideas for me? I could always add them to my "50 before 50" list! 


  1. That's quite a list you have there :) Hopefully you can get it all done before you turn 40! I'm definitely with you on improving credit score, working on it but it definitely involves patience. Happy Hump Day Angel! -Iva

  2. Looks like a lot to do. I'm too late for the forty before forty and the fifty before fifty. There is no way I'm coming up with sixty things to do!

  3. great list! i'm past the 3-0 mark too so i need to make a 40 before 40 list sometime soon!

  4. My first car was an old VW bug. It was stick shift..I loved driving it especially in the mountains. It was slow and would putt putt putt up the road. Now we have an older jeep and love it too because it is slow and fun to drive. You have wonderful goals for yourself!


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