Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Friday, August 8, 2014

Wow, This Is Getting Real!

So... I have written a few times about the potential jobs that I have been applying for in Oregon. I don't know if I should say the names of the towns, just in case... not until I have actually secured a job. So I will be a little vague here. But remember I told you that I had two interviews scheduled... one for a school in P-Town, and one for a school in E-Town, both of which were working with children with mental health diagnoses and behavioral disorders. Unfortunately, something must have gone wrong with the P-Town interview... someone called and left a message on the lady's behalf, that she was going to call me to reschedule because she'd had an emergency... but then she never did. I sent her an email telling her I hoped everything was okay and that I would be interested in rescheduling, but I never heard back from her. So... I don't know? I did have the interview with the people from E-Town, and I thought I did a horrid job... I tend to ramble sometimes and I wasn't sure how articulate I was. And then just yesterday I had another interview with a school in W-Town, for a self-contained class in a regular public school. That class would be for kids with moderate levels of disabilities, including some medically fragile but also kids with Down syndrome and autism. That interview actually went really well. I was much "smoother" than I'd ever been! The people seemed impressed with me, and told me they were interviewing only 2 other people. 

Today I got an email from the principal at the school in E-Town. She said I am one of the final candidates! She wants me to speak with the superintendent on Monday through Skype! 

It looks like there is a very good chance that I will get the job in either W-Town or E-Town. I need to start getting myself ready to go. 

Oh my gosh just saying that makes my stomach get all nervous and freaked out!

My big plan in life is to cram everything I can into my little car, including my small dog Lily, and make a road trip of it. I will live as a minimalist until I get my first paycheck, and then I will arrange for a moving van to bring the rest of my stuff. 

So anyways. The main thing I really need is money. I have a little bit saved up, but I'm basically going to need enough for the trip there... which will mean at least two nights in hotels, about $250 in gas according to Mapquest, and some sort of food.... and enough to either get an apartment when I get there, or stay in a hotel there for a while until I can find an apartment. Also, I will most likely need to eat several times a day, and if I have to stay in a hotel I will need to put Lily in doggie day care because most hotels that allow dogs still don't allow them to be left alone in a room all day while you work. 

This is where I could use YOUR HELP! Here are some things you could do to help me, that won't cost you anything personally (unless you actually buy something.)

First of all, I have been working super hard at a website for teachers, parents, child care workers, and others who work with young children. It has lesson plans and activities for young children, including some free printables and stuff. (It will have even more eventually, as I am working on it each day.) There are also some Amazon affiliate links on it, and some Adsense ads. So what you could do is mention my sight on your blog, and if you have Pinterest you could pin any of the things that interest you on the website. The website is at If you could help me spread the word on that site, it could bring in a little money!

Second of all, you could buy any of the books I've written. (This one will cost you money, but you get something, and I'm not saying you should buy it if you don't want it... but just check it out!) You can find my Amazon page here. (Yes, I am telling you my real name... but use it wisely! And I still like being called Angel better!) 

Third of all, you could visit my CafePress shop and buy something there. (Again, that will cost you money, so only buy them if you really want them! I don't want to spange you!) Check out my Love Your Brain store!

Fourth of all, if you see any ads on this blog that interest you, you could click on them. Only if they interest you. I'm not saying just click on them to be nice... but at least, if you come to my blog, look and see what ads are there! And if they interest you... well, you know. 

Fifth of all, if there are any really rich people out there who want to help me out, they could go to my GoFundMe site, which I have created just in case. (If you DO want to blatantly make a donation like that, you can scroll down to the bottom of my GoFundMe page and see that I've made some different donation levels where you will get something in return for your donation if you donate a certain amount.)

That is all I can think of right now! Spread the news on my website, buy my stuff, visit my ads if you feel like it, and blatantly toss money at me. And most of all, please just keep coming back here, because your kind comments mean everything to me!

That's it for now... gotta go pace around nervously for a while. Catch ya later!


  1. I hope you find someone to toss money at you. :)
    Great news so far on the job prospects! Hopefully you will be offered the job which is the best fit for you.
    Looks like I've got some clicking to do. ;)

  2. That is fantastic! I'm so glad for your options!


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