Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Monday, August 11, 2014


 I was going to write a totally different post today, but my mind is spinning too much to write those posts! Instead, I don't want to bore you, but can I talk to you some more about my possible upcoming journey to Oregon?

It is so weird that for two years I have applied for millions of jobs in Illinois, only to be turned down every single time. I never even came close. 

Now, I am very close to not one, but two different jobs! I've been accepted into the final stage of hiring (well, I guess the second-to-final stage. The stage that comes right before they actually offer you the job) for two different schools. I need you guys to help me compare and contrast, on the off chance that tomorrow they both offer me the job. 

We're going to be comparing W-Town and E-Town. 

Pros: It pays more money
It is waaaaay closer to where Auntie M lives
I will probably not get injured as frequently
It is closer to Portland, where there are many interesting things to see and do. 
If I can't find an apartment right away (it may be as soon as 2 weeks from now, so that will be really tight) I could stay with Auntie M and Uncle J, and commute to work, for a few weeks, because it is close enough to where they live. 

Cons: It isn't highly considered a great school district. I think it sounds great from what the principals have told me... but those school report-card type things give it bad ratings for low test scores. Which I don't really care about. Screw test scores!
Except, the schools with lowest test scores also have the most government crackdowns on them... more teaching to the test, and what have you.

Neutrals: The children I would be working with have moderate impairments, and won't be held to the standards as much. It is not like I will be teaching resource to kids with learning disabilities where I'm required to pound the information into them at all costs. It is more individualized, looking at their individual needs, which may be anything from learning to read, to survival skills. (Not like, surviving in the wilderness skills. Just real-world survival skills. Like grocery shopping. And tying your shoes.)

And now E-Town
Pros: I would get to work with children in foster care and children with mental health diagnoses, which interests me greatly.
I would have more freedom in what lessons I plan.(Although, to be fair, I might have just as much freedom at the other school.) 
It is a hippie town. I love hippie towns!
My cousin BT lives there (though I don't know if I'd even see him... he can be elusive!)

Cons: I'm not known for being "firm" with children. I worked with kids with severe behavioral problems before but it wasn't in an academic setting, so it was more about just playing with them and not really trying to force them to do things they didn't want to do. They (school staff) might be disappointed with me.
Some of the kids can be violent. (They're ages 4 through 10 so it won't be extremely dangerous) 
It is THREE HOURS away from my Auntie M... so when I'm feeling homesick, I'll be missing her and my parents!

Neutral: If I stay here and can't find an apartment right away, I'd have to stay in a hotel. My mom said one of our neighbors knows someone in E-Town who would rent a room to me... but I don't want to rent a ROOM! I want to be a grown up and have my own apartment! Also I don't know if that person would be okay with Lily being with me, and with Lily staying alone there while I worked. And I am NOT going without my small dog! 

What do you think? What would you pick if you were me? Assuming I actually get the choice?

Also, if one calls me before the other (which will obviously happen unless they both call at the exact same time and leave voice mails and I somehow listen to both at once) should I automatically take the first one that is offered to me? Or wait to see if the second one calls?

And what if NEITHER of them offer me a job? Then this would be a moot point. 


By the way, if I do get hired by one of these schools, I will have to leave, possibly as soon as the 15th and probably no later than the 22nd! Of this month! So... if you have time, please contribute to the Get Angel To Oregon fund by doing one ore more of the following things: 

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  1. From what I see W town, looks like your best bet, but I'd definitely wait to hear from them both, you have nothing to lose waiting a bit to hear the other's pitch!

  2. It sounds to me like W town is the best fit for you but, since YOU'RE the one doing the job, I'm sure you'll make the choice that really is the best fit for you. :-) This is exciting, whatever way it goes!

  3. There is nothing childish or immature about renting a room. A lot of single adults can't afford an apartment on their own, and so many of them will rent a room in someone else's apartment or house.

    Also, a lot of apartment complexes don't allow pets, either for insurance purposes or to avoid hassles among renters. Renting a room from someone who owns a house may be a better (or the only) choice for those who own pets.


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