Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Here's A Picture Of Me And Brownie

I had equine therapy today, as I do most Sundays. Right before I left to go there, I was sort of in a tizzy because my mom kept yelling at me for things and it was like she was watching me closely and looking for something to snap at me for. I had made a sandwich and was wiping off the counter, and she was watching me so I was really careful to wipe everywhere and not knock any crumbs on the ground. I shook off the washrag and hung it on the faucet carefully so it wasn't folded up or crumpled anywhere. And she yelled at me for not rinsing out the washrag before I hung it back up. And stuff like that. I was feeling glum. My dad said she was just mad at him and taking it out on me. I deducted that it had something to do with my dad having been drinking the night before. 

So anyways as I was driving to equine therapy I was thinking about it, and when I got there I ended up talking about it with Julie. It sort of brought up a lot of my old memories of when I was a kid.

The whole time I was talking with Julie, I was petting Brownie, and she kept coming over and leaning her head down by me, like she was giving me a horse hug!

Brownie was looking out the window of her stable to see if the grain cart was coming. I had just started telling Julie about something particularly unfortunate. Just then, Brownie turned her head towards me and gave me a horse hug. Then she put her head right in front of my face and seemed to be looking into my eyes,. which is difficult for a horse to do since their eyes are on opposite sides of their head. And then guess what! She gave me a kiss! I never realized horses could kiss people! She put her lips on my forehead and tickled me with them lightly.

I really feel like she sensed I was feeling kind of bad, and she was trying to show me some love. 

Every time I think about it I start smiling and feeling happy! 

When I first got there and went in Brownie's stall, Julie took two pictures of me and Brownie. I wanted to post the alienized versions here so you can see me with my horse friend! 

I love animals so much. If I could be around animals every minute of my life, I'd be happy. Some people tell me I should have been a vet. But I actually don't think I would like that, because a lot of animals don't like going to the vet, and I would have to give them shots and even put some of them to sleep, and that would be really upsetting to me. But I wish I could live on a farm

Maybe next time I will take a picture of the burritos who live in the barn! If you have never petted a burrito's nose, you should definitely put that on your bucket list. 

Okay, I have to disappear now. POOF! ::cloud of smoke::

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  1. My Mom grew up with horses. She had a really awful childhood and I have no doubt about the healing abilities that horses possess.


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