Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Goodbye, Twisted Mixtape!

A few weeks ago, Jen, who created and runs the Twisted Mixtape Link Up, announced that she was going on hiatus for a while. The weekly link up is coming to an end... but with any luck, a new, less frequent and more manageable version will be returning this fall.

Seeing as how this is the end of the world Twisted Mixtape as we know it, I knew I had to show up for this one, so I started working on it on Monday evening to make sure I wouldn't flake. At first I had no idea what songs to post, but soon they started popping into my head.

Let's see. Where do I start? How about a kind of silly one? It's the end of the world as we know it... and I feel fine!

While we're on the topic of the end of the world, here is an older, sadder song with the same title. I love this one... it is kind of haunting, isn't it?

What about this next one! It is the classic graduation song because it seems to send the message that we're saying goodbye to great memories, and moving onto a great future. There're are actually several stories about why Billie Joe, of Green Day, wrote this song... from a breakup with his girlfriend, to an arguement with other band members, to suicidal feelings. One of the stories that seems to be the most accepted as truth is that it is a goodbye and "screw you" song to the bar in Berkley, CA, where the band started out playing live music when punk was not very popular yet. They had a small but loyal group of punk rock fans. When they got a contract with a record company and went mainstream, many of their old fans grew angry at them and turned their backs on them. This song, which sounds noticeably different from most of Green Day's other songs, was Billie Joe's way of expressing his anger and disappointment with his old fans and friends. The song is often known as "Time Of Your Life," but its real title is "Good Riddance." Just a little song trivia for you! Whatever the original meaning behind it, to me it is the perfect song for saying goodbye to good friends and good times, knowing we'll never forget them.

I had to work hard to find this next one, because I don't think it is actually a song anyone has ever performed... it is an old summer camp song! I never went to summer camp myself as a kid, but for a few years I volunteered at a summer camp for siblings who were living in separate foster homes. Because this week-long camp was the only time the kids there got to spend with their brothers and sisters in a normal setting (not in a visiting room at the social service office) the end of the week was always especially bittersweet. I picked this one because, even though the visual is a little blurry, these girls do a great job of singing it! It is also a little more upbeat than some of the other versions I found online.

Finally, because I know that Jen loves the Grateful Dead as much as I do, I had to include this one.

So that's it, everyone! I'm going to miss posting these... even though half the time, I completely forget to do it when Tuesday comes around! I think the monthly one will be easier for me to keep track of. I hope.

Bye, all you Twisted Mixtape fans! I hope you come back and visit my blog even without the music!


  1. Love the way you started with the two different "end of the world" songs.

  2. yeah, 'what a long (semi) strange trip it's been' to stay with the Grateful Dead thing.
    one of things I liked (about the TMTT) was the stuff I would learn, in the process of listen/reading the other Posts.

    been fun

  3. I promise we'll be back! You know Bob Weir and Rat Dog are playing at Ravinia this summer, I already have my tickets!!! I love that we have some music in common, you are an old soul at least when it comes to music :-) Isaiah loves your bunnies. Save some songs in your brain so you're all set for fall!

  4. I love love love your version that you found of "I wanna linger" or what that one was! I've never heard such an upbeat version of it, either and this one is now my favorite. Big my new favorite. You made one awesome goodbye list, my awesome friend! Big awesome!

  5. From Green Day to The Dead to an obscure folk song --- that's why I love this blog hop!


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