Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Product Review: Tone Petal Soft Body Wash

I am really enjoying being a BzzAgent! The latest free product I got to test out was Tone® Petal Soft Body Wash. The scent is called Pink Peony And Rose Oil. 
I am kind of funny about smells. I have a really sensitive nose, and a strong memory for certain scents. If someone in the room is wearing a strong perfume, it can irritate me to no end and I can't think of anything else. If I have an unpleasant experience at a place that has a particular scent inside, whenever I smell that scent again I will get a nervous stomach. So whenever I get a new product, the first thing I do is smell it.

I was worried that Pink Peony And Rose Oil would be a strong, flowery scent. Instead, it was a mild, pleasant scent that made the shower smell lovely while I was in it, but didn't linger on my skin for too long afterwards. This body wash would be great for anyone who is sensitive to strong scents, but who still wants to enjoy a pleasant scent in the shower.

One thing I liked about this body wash is that it lathered up really well. In the winter, using a loofah can leave my skin dry and irritated... but I've found that if I use a regular wash cloth, many body washes do not lather up well. But this one had plenty of lather! I think it will make this body wash last a lot longer, giving people a good value for the money.

Finally, I found that it did not dry my skin out at all. I have recently had really dry skin, that bothers me all day long. But since I started using Tone® Petal Soft Body Wash, my dry skin seems to have gone away. I was surprised to notice that, because I really didn't expect this body wash to be more moisturizing than my usual body wash... but it was!

I've really enjoyed using this new body wash. It probably would have never occurred to me to buy it before, but now that I've tried it, I think I will buy it in the future.  I sure love getting to try new things! 

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  1. This sounds perfect! We have some major dry skin going on over here this winter! I buy the natural soaps w/oils and I know what you mean about no lather! You have to either use a LOT or it doesn't bubble and you wonder if you're really getting clean.
    And I appreciate your explanation of the smell, I get that way with vanilla. A bad experience comes flashing back when I smell the artificial vanilla smell they put in lotions. YUCK!
    I will add this to my shopping list, thanks for the tip!


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