Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Saturday, March 29, 2014

It's A New Saturday Dog!

I've had a few weeks off from volunteering at my pet rescue place. They've actually had too many volunteers lately, which I guess is a good thing. Some weeks, high school or college students come in groups to volunteer in order to get school credit, and they have to be given their hours as a priority since they're doing it for a grade. I actually may do some volunteer work with a different organization. although I can't say for sure yet. 

Anyway, I did get to go today. Way back  at the beginning of March, I posted about a local pet shop that was running a secret puppy mill in the back of the store. I posted that forty dogs were rescued, but it turns out it was closer to 100... 40 was only the number of dogs my organization took responsibility for. The other dogs went to other rescues. That week, I wrote about working with a sweet little chihuahua called Seahawk.

Well, now you get to meet an equally sweet little chihuahua named Darra! Darra looks a lot like Seahawk and his brother Rudy, and she's the same age, so we think she might be their half-sister... not from the same litter, but with the same father. Like Seahawk and Rudy, two-year-old Darra is really cuddly, and spent almost the entire show snuggled in my arms. She was shy and a little overwhelmed... remember, these dogs barely got any human interaction until they were rescued a little over a month ago! 

But at home, Darra is a little diva. She loves attention and snuggles. She loves to play with all of her toys. And she gets along splendidly with other dogs (both large and small), with adults, with children of all ages, and more or less with everyone. 

I don't like to recommend chihuahuas as a dog for anyone with small children, just because they are so small and can easily be injured or at least frightened... and any dog has the potential to bite if he feels like he's in danger. Larger dogs... as long as they can trained not to jump up on children... actually tend to do better with younger kids because they are just sturdier and don't feel as overwhelmed by rambunctious children. But with that said, Darra is fine with children who are petting her or trying to play with her. Even when she is afraid, she will most likely run away or just hide her head, instead of snapping at them. 

Darra's ideal home would probably be with people who want to spoil her with lots of love, attention, cuddles, toys, and treats! 
This isn't the best picture of Darra... but this is the one from the website, which
was probably taken on her first day with us. 
I also have some pretty good news. I found out I have been hired to work as a teacher in a special education summer school program! I actually taught there last summer, and the year before that I was an assistant. I didn't hear from them for so long this year, I thought I had been rejected... maybe I didn't do a good enough job last year... but yesterday the director emailed me and told me that my contract is in the mail! 

The only annoying part is that I won't know for a long time about what grade or level I'll be working with, or the classroom's theme. Last year I didn't find out until a few days before the program started, and I then had just a few days to lesson plan for five weeks! I think what I will do this year is start planning some basic activities for the general level that I worked with last year, and I can just adapt them for whatever students I ended up getting. 

So excited! And it has to look good on my resume that they keep hiring me for the program, every single summer! 

OK. Time to go take a nap work really hard at something. TTTL! And don't forget to take my survey! 


  1. It's nice that you volunteer at the shelter. I love dogs! Darra sounds so sweet. Glad you got the teaching job for the summer. I think it would make sense to let you know what level you are teaching sooner so you can make use of the time to plan your lessons.

  2. Congratulations on the new job and how wonderful that you get to help with Darra! I definitely agree with your statements on Chihuahua's they're definitely not best option for kids - they are very snappy indeed. I worked at an animal hospital and they're the first to bite! Hope you get some word on your assignment soon Angel and have a great one! -Iva

  3. Oh man... if I volunteered at an animal shelter I would want to take home EVERY SINGLE ANIMAL!!!!!!


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