Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Monday, March 3, 2014

Another New Obsession

As my life has been getting a little busier with subbing jobs, therapy appointments, and attempts at a social life, I decided I needed a planner. I've tried using planners online, but I find they don't work that well for me because I don't constantly have my computer with me, and I forget to use my phone. I've been using a composition notebook to write things down, but I wanted something more organized. 

I saw some blog posts about Filofax planners, which are very customizable planners with rings. People get very creative and crafty with their Filofaxes, and they become almost like scrapbooks as well as planners. In fact, you can find a lot of free printable inserts to add to a Filofax planner, such as inspirational quotes, menu planners, to do lists, etc. People decorate their pages with stickers and drawings and stuff. This sounds just up my alley, doesn't it?

But here is the problem. Filofax planners range in price from $29.99 (for a "mini" style that is about 4" by 2") to over $100. Not quite in my budget! 

Then I came across a blog post on making your own "Filofax." This very crafty blogger got very elaborate in making her own planner, but the basic idea is simple enough for even the least craftiest person ever to understand. You can use a small three-ring binder, which is about the same size as a personal sized Filofax. It won't be leatherbound or anything (unless you figure out a way to bind it in leather yourself) but you can personalize it, and use printable Filofax inserts or purchase the right size of pages. 

I picked up a mini binder (about 5 1/2 by 8 1/2 inches) at Staples for $6.00. I also got some duct tape so I could decorate it. I love colorful things, and duct tape is always fun!
My very colorful decorated binder.
I wanted to figure out a way to make my own pages. I wanted to be able to open up the binder and see one week at a time, with each week divided into categories... Home, Work, Fun, Blog, and Appointments. I was trying to figure out a way to do it, and I was actually going to draw all of the pages by hand. But then my mom came along and quickly showed me a way to make the binder pages using Microsoft Excel! If I print on both sides of the paper, the pages are exactly like they'd look in a regular planner. She even put a space on the bottom for notes! And there is plenty of room for me to decorate the pages, once I get started on that part. 
Wicked cool printed pages. 
Doesn't it look cool? And the best part is, unlike some inexpensive planners, I will be able to reuse this one year after year for as long as I want to. 

I just wanted to show you that because I was so proud of my creation! And now I am obsessed with looking up other people's decorated Filofaxes and Filofax pages. 

What kind of planner do you use? 


  1. That's lovely! I'm kinda married to my online calendar, but I really need something physical that I can take with me. I might have to steal this idea... ($100 for an organiser, though? People PAY that?)

  2. LOVE IT! Lists and plans! lists and plans! Cheap! Creative! yay.

  3. I get a planner from work and use that. Nothing fancy but it keeps me organized.


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