Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Here I Am!

Wow, it has been a while since I posted! The good news is that I've been working a lot. The bad news is, I've also been sick a lot, which is why I haven't been up to blogging in my spare time! A few weeks ago I had that sinus infection, which went away fairly quickly. But then last week I wasn't feeling too great all week. On Wednesday I didn't have to work, so I was going to take advantage of the day and run some errands. I woke up feeling completely normal. I ate breakfast (a bowl of cereal and some Greek yogurt) and still felt fine. Then all of the sudden I got a wicked stomachache. Sometimes I do get stomachaches in the morning, so I decided to ignore it and just proceed with my day. Bad idea! I got into my car to go run errands, but the motion of the car seemed to irritate my stomach more. I thought I'd turn around and go back home and lay down until I felt better. Too late! Suddenly I felt really hot and dizzy. I pulled over, opened my car door, and  BLEEEEEHHHHH! 

It is annoying being sick while living with my parents, because they tend to think of sickness as some sort of sign of weakness and laziness, as if ralphing in the street is a real luxury that they would never allow themselves. 

Anyway, I still don't know if that was some sort of virus, or the yogurt I ate was bad, or what. I did throw up one more time as soon as I got home, and then I just had a queasy stomach for the rest of the day and the next day, but no fever or anything, and I was able to go to work the next day. I just tried not to eat much. But then, suddenly, I started feeling myself getting another sinus infection, as well as the heaviness in my chest that usually means bronchitis. Yesterday I went to my volunteer job, and then came home and took a nap for about four hours. When I woke up, my voice was gone! Yep, it is laryngitis as well.

I feel like an old person! When I was a little kid, and even as a young adult, I used to get sick a whole lot. Having severe allergies also makes you sensitive to getting respiratory infections and ear infections. Especially when I hung out with people who smoked, I was sick a lot. But for the past few years, I've barely been sick at all! Especially since I've been taking multivitamins and iron pills! This winter I have gotten sick so much. I guess it is a combination of the cold, dry air outside, and the nasty, mildewy air inside my house. This winter needs to finish up. I need some Vitamin D therapy!

So anyways... going to my volunteer job was the only highlight of the week for me. I got to be with Dr. Dozer, who is one of the favorite dogs around the pet rescue organization I volunteer with. I have no idea why he hasn't been adopted yet... he's been with us for about a year I think! He's a rottweiler mix, 7 years okl, and has hip dysplasia... but he's the sweetest boy ever! I spent almost the entire four hours rubbing his belly, because any time you stop petting him he lifts up his giant head and gives you a look, or he takes his paws and grabs your arm to make you keep petting him. He's a mellow dude. Once there was this small dog who was really nervous and hated being at the adoption shows. The small dog decided Dr. Dozer was a great protector, and she'd always cuddle up next to him, practically trying to get underneath him for safety! 

If you live in the Chicago area and you feel like you want a giant, gentle, loving rottweiler mix in your life, you should email for information. His foster mom says the ideal home would be a home with no other dogs, and children over the age of 12... not because he isn't good with children, but mainly because he is an older dude with hip dysplasia and she doesn't want him subjected to smaller children who might try to climb on him or play rough with him. And he is okay with other dogs... as the small dog I mentioned before discovered... but he's really happiest if he doesn't have to compete with other dogs for attention and affection. 

Okay. So. Other than that, not much going on for me. Maybe next week will be more exciting! 


  1. Sorry you've been so sick! Does petting your puppy help you feel better? It helps me a lot when I get anxious.

    1. Yes, my dogs help me a lot when I am sad or anxious. I don't know what I would do without them!

  2. Aww, what a cutie. My parents German Shepard will do the same thing when you stop petting her before she's satisfied. She does that with my Dad all the time.


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