Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Workin' Hard, or Hardly Workin'?

Soooooooo.... yeeeaaaaaahhhh. The whole subbing thing hasn't exactly panned out yet. I expected to start working this week. But the school district I'm signed up to sub with was closed on Monday and Tuesday because of the freakishly cold temperatures. They didn't want children to turn into icicles while waiting for the busses, I guess. And as for yesterday and Thursday, maybe teachers didn't want to call in sick after having almost a month off.

I did find out that I am not just eligible to sub in special ed classrooms. I can sub in any classrooms. I found this out after inquiring about it, because the jobs that I did get offered were for subbing as a bilingual teacher and a gym teacher. (I turned both down. Because I don't speak Spanish, and I suck at sports.)

I feel just a little sheepish for quitting my job before I knew for sure how the subbing thing worked. But I couldn't exactly wait until the first day I got a subbing offer, and then randomly quit!

Besides, think of it this way. Once I do start working, I will be making twice as much as I was at my old job. Which means, if I start subbing next week, I will make as much as if I had worked all this week at my old job.

What have I been doing in the mean time? Not much of anything, honestly! The good news is that my depression has lifted enough so that I am no longer sad all the time. But I am in more of the "feeling nothing" stage, where I can't get myself to care about anything. Even blogging has lost it's luster. My big accomplishment of the week was stripping my bed and washing all the sheets. Lily's exciting moment of the week was getting to ride in the laundry basket as I carried it up and down the stairs.

I've also been watching a ton of Pitbulls And Parolees episodes, which I have recorded on my DVR. Actually I watched the last of my stored up episodes today, which means I better hope I get some work tomorrow!

I know I should say I've been working on my memoir, or starting my online class, or organizing my room, or running errands for my mom, or something equally productive... but I literally can't! It's like I panic! I couldn't even convince myself to walk up to the mailbox today! (Although I probably would have been more willing to do that if it were just a tad warmer out...)

Isn't this blog exciting? You're probably rolling on the floor from all the fun. But I guess being bored (and boring!) is way better than being sad and having a lot of bad news!

For now, I'll cheer you up with this awkward picture of me wearing the new winter hat my Bro gave me for Christmas!
Does this picture bring a smile to your face?

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  1. I hope you get a phone call soon! I've never subbed before but I know people who have and it's always a struggle, especially when you are a new sub.


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