Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Tomorrow I Start Subbing!

It has been a few days since I've written.... I haven't done much at all except sit around and wait for subbing jobs. And they've actually started lining up!

I downloaded this app on my phone that goes along with Aesop, which is the system most of the school districts around here use for assigning jobs to subs. Aesop is on the computer, and usually I just kept it up on my computer and kept refreshing it all day long, in hopes that an available job would pop up. If a job happens to pop up, you have about five seconds to accept it before someone else does. Stressful, right? I know!

But with this app, it sends me a message on my phone when Aesop has a new job available for me. I still have five seconds (or less) to accept it before someone else does, but at least I don't have to worry about all the jobs I'm missing if I walk away from my computer to use the bathroom do something really fun!

Anyway tomorrow I have my first subbing job. I am going to be a "floater/" That sounds lovely, doesn't it? All it really means is that I will have more than one classroom assignment during the day. This could mean anything from going to six different classrooms for an hour each while teachers attend meetings, to just floating around the school and helping out wherever needed on a busy day.  But I did see a new note next to the job info on my Aesop screen. It says I will spend the morning in a second grade classroom, and the afternoon in a kindergarten classroom.

The ages are perfect! But I really don't have a lot of experience being in charge of an entire classroom of regular ed children. I thought I'd be subbing only in special education classrooms, where I'd have anywhere from one to four aides to show me the ropes. Instead, it looks like it will just be me... and... them.

My almost-12-year-old cousin gave me this advice: "Just be sure you know what you're doing, and you'll be fine!"

Uh... thanks... I think.

I'm so nervous, and I keep Googling information like, "first day of subbing" and "tips for substitutes." But it is turning out to be a little like Googling your symptoms when you have a headache, and finding out that you may have a brain tumor or meningitis or AIDS. I'm finding a lot of drastic horror stories. So I've decided to stop Googling anything, and just assume that it will be fine, and remember that I never have to go back to either of the two classrooms again if they turn out to be horrible. Which I'm sure they won't be.

I'll fill you all in tomorrow!

In other news, here's a lovely picture of me at my volunteer job yesterday! I was taking care of a Greyhound named Cole. (Cole wasn't enthused about taking a selfie with me.) I learned that not all greyhounds are used for racing at tracks. (I mean, besides the ones rescued as pets.) In Ohio, there is a new sort of "game" where they take a raccoon trapped in a cage, and release the dogs to run towards the raccoons. The lady who told it to me made it seem like they have to actually catch the raccoons, but some info I found about it online said the raccoons are actually trapped in a cage the whole time. Either way, it is an odd sport. And Cole wasn't very good at it, which was why he came to our rescue. He was such a sweet, gentle, quiet dog who loved putting his head on my shoulder and leaning against me for a Greyhound hug!


  1. That sounds like such a great stepping stone job to hopefully a more permanent position. From what I remember of reading your other blog in the past, you are awesome with kids!

  2. Having been a high school teacher I'd say that it is better to start out "stern" to the kids and then lighten up later on - better than giving too much freedom at first and then trying to reclaim order!
    The "raccoon sport" makes me sick. Why don't people leave animals alone?

  3. So how'd it go??? I'm sure you were great! Kids are so awesome at that age, they just want to be liked!


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