Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Social Sunday AND Sunday Stealing!

Hi everyone! I decided to try something different today, so I am linking up with Sunday Social!  The idea here seems to be to make new bloggy friends and catch up with old bloggy friends. They give you six questions to answer. Ready? Let's do this!

1. My top 3 favorite kinds of foods? Pizza, pasta, and angel food cake with chocolate whipped cream frosting!

2. First three things I do in the morning? Hug my dog, take a shower, and let my dog out.

3. Last three things I do at night? Take my dogs for a walk, put on jammies, and read for a while or listen to a podcast. 

4. 3 TV shows I never miss? Shameless, The Fosters, Parenthood. 

5. 3 places I want to visit? Key West, Hawaii, and Italy. (I've already been to Key West and Hawaii but I want to go back!) 

6. 3 people I can always count on? Uh, this is a tricky one. It depends on what I am counting on them for! I can always count on my mom and dad to help me with the practicalities of life, such as paying for car repairs when my car breaks down. For emotional support, I can always count on my Auntie M and my Aunt B. That is four people. Sorry I broke the rules!

And now for an old stand by, Sunday Stealing!

Did anyone call you last night?  No, nobody ever calls me!!!

How late were you on the computer last night?  Until 1 am because that is when my parents got home from the bar and I was waiting for my dad to walk the dogs with me!

What did you have to eat last night?  Turkey soup (frozen from Thanksgiving), and garlic bread.

Did you watch any good TV shows or movies last night?  Uh what did I watch? I remember watching something but I can't recall what it was. Hmmmm. Oh yeah... I watched "Brooklyn 999," "Raising Hope," and "Pitbulls and Parolees" on my DVR. 

Did any news items stand out to you last night?  I did not watch the news.

Did you go out last night?  No I didn't feel well so I stayed inside on a Benadryl-induced coma!
What was the weather like last night?  Icy cold!

What was the last thing you said last night?  See you tomorrow! (To my dad.) 

What time did you go to bed last night? About 1:15 am.

Okay, that is it. I know these questions were all burning holes in your minds, and now you have the answers Aren't you relieved? 


  1. I like. I hadn't visited before. I stop by again and have a wee read back.

  2. No one calls me, either, and I'm ok with that.

  3. Leftover turkey soup sounds REALLY good about now. Any left?

    Nobody calls me, either. Unless they want something. :P

  4. I like the idea of hugging your dog first thing. :-) My husband lets our little guy out of his kennel, and he comes and finds me. One of the first things I see is often his baby face peeking over the edge of the bed.

    Also, Benadryl knocks me out flat. I had soup tonight, too, thanks to the flu. :-P

  5. I love Parenthood, it's actually the only show I actually make an effort to watch.

  6. I keep hearing GREAT things about Parenthood.

    That turkey soup and garlic bread sounds delish. Having leftovers in the freezer and/or fridge is the best thing ever, isn't it?!

  7. Hope you're feeling better soon! I get puppy snuggles first thing too, and last thing at night. Most likely because they sleep with me!
    (visiting from the SITS tribe building challenge) :)


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