Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Things That Are Good Vs Things That Suck

I didn't have a picture for today's post, so here is an
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 Hi everyone! It is December now, and while some things are going really well, other things are completely sucking. What do you want first? The sucky stuff or the good stuff? How about we get the sucky stuff over first?

Stuff That Sucks
1. I am doing poorly in my online classes and may not even pass them. The main reason is that I haven't been able to do the observation hours, since I am working at all the same times that the children I should be observing are in school. We are not allowed to do observation hours at the same time as we're getting paid for work, so I cannot take the easy route and just do them during my workday. I may actually end up repeating one of the classes next semester! Sucky!

2. When I first got hired for my job, I was supposed to go get a background check from the police station, plus a physical exam and TB test, within a month. Of course I was waiting until I got paid before I went to get the physical exam, and I was just procrastinating at the background check thing because I have no real desire to go to the police station for any reason. Those places give me the willies! I was going to do it though... but then I got sick for a week, and after that, I just completely forgot about the whole thing! So now they have started sending me emails saying, "We need all this info RIGHT NOW!" Even if I get it done by the end of the week, I'm going to look like a flake! 

3. My job is okay... mediocre. Better than last year, because the people are nicer, but definitely not challenging at all. My job is pretty much to do as I'm told. It gets really boring. I mean, how many days in a row can you spend an hour doing the same exact ABC puzzles during reading groups? This is pretty much all I do... work on ABC puzzles with the kids, take them to the bathroom, take them to lunch, take them to recess, take them to gym and art and music, etc. Its all cajoling them into eating, helping them get their jackets on, ushering them in and out of lines. It is tiring, because it is physically a lot of walking around and pulling kids and lifting them and pushing wheelchairs... but it leaves a lot to be desired. 

OK. So that stuff sucks. On to the good stuff!

1. I only have one more Christmas gift to get or make... for my dad! Everyone else is completely covered. 

2. Bro, Sunny and Squeak get here in less than three weeks!

3. I just heard from my book editor and she is putting out a press release about my book, and wants to interview me for the publishing company's podcast. Plus, she just asked if she can set me up with an app on my phone that would allow me to accept debit and credit cards on my phone so I could sell books from anywhere. And she's sending me a free copy of the book, which she said is my "show-off" copy to take with me on interviews and readings. INTERVIEWS and READINGS! Like a real author! 

4. Now that I have a children's book published under my legal name, that I can show my grandparents and little cousins and everyone, I have started working on my memoir. It will be the true story of the odd adventures in my life. This one will most likely be self-published under my Alien name. The title of the book? Diary Of An Alien, of course! 

5. The company that makes Excelerol, which is a vitamin supplement designed to help with the symptoms of ADHD, have sent me a free thirty-day supply in exchange for a review on my blog. I started taking it today. One thing I noticed for sure was that it gave me more energy... I wasn't completely fatigued when I got home. I want to give an honest review of the product, but I'm not completely sure how to tell if it is working! I will have to figure out some sort of test.

Anyways... 3 sucky things versus 5 good things... I guess the good things win, this time! Hurray! 

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  1. Any day we have one more good thing than bad is a victory, my friend. The book counts as 17 good things, actually. That has to be awesome to hold a book in your hand with your name on it - well, unless it's a book about the stinkiest people in history, in which case, well, at least you'd be famous, sort of.

    Total tangent. If you need a beta tester for your memoir, you know how to reach me!


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