Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I Got Mail!

Hi everyone! This year I thought it would be fun to sign up for a few holiday swaps, where you send someone some surprise gifts, and you get something from them as well!  I signed up for the 12 Days Of Christmas swap, and the Blogger Holiday Gift Exchange

So, yesterday, my first package came from Becca, from Everyday Life, who is my partner in the 12 Days Of Christmas swap. The way this particular swap works is, you get 12 gifts, and you have to wait until December 13. Then, you can open one per day, until Christmas. 

I couldn't resist at least opening the box!

I am so not good at waiting for surprises! I may have to hide the box from myself in order to not be tempted! 

In other news, since I quit my job but have a few days before I start subbing (or I may just weight until after winter break, so I can have next Thursday and Friday off when Bro, Sunny and Squeak get here) I've been working on writing my autobiography! It is going to be called, predictably, Diary Of An Alien! 

I  had this idea that if I make myself accountable to others, I will be more likely to finish this time. (I've started writing my memoir so many times, its not even funny!) So I wondered if anyone would be interested in reading part of the draft.. anything from a few pages to a few chapters, whatever you can handle. As I write more, I can send people more.if they like. Hopefully, you beta readers will be able to give me feedback, like what parts are super boring, what parts need more information, etc. 

If you feel like reading some of my book, comment here, or email me at

Alright... I am FREEZING COLD in this house, so I need to go find another sweatshirt, or six or seven! 


  1. very cool...the surprise gift idea! How very fun!

  2. The surprise gift idea is fantastic! I love it! :)-Ashley

  3. I love the gift idea and think it's brilliant to keep yourself accountable to your book by talking about it here and asking for feedback. I'd love to read some pages. don't have tons of time but really enjoy your writing and perspective.

  4. That sounds like a fun program - enjoy! Since I'm familiar with your writing I would love to be a beta reader : )


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