Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

What Happens When A Blogger With ADHD Tries To Count?

She miscalculates her 100th post!
What happened was, I looked at my Blogger dashboard, and it said I had (at the time) 96 posts.  What I failed to realize was that it was including four unpublished drafts, which are really just empty posts that I started and never finished and then went back and wrote again. Or something. I don't know. The point is, this is my 97th post. My official 100th post will be Friday! That means, you have an extra three and a half days to send me any question you want to ask. I will answer questions about myself and my life, ADHD or autism, advice, or anything in the whole world that you want to ask! If you'd prefer to ask anonymously, you can just go to my page and post a question.
I already have one a few questions waiting, but I definitely welcome more. So, ask away!

In the mean time, today is Tuesday, so how about a Twisted Mix Tape post?

This week's theme is a real challenge. The theme is "cheating." I think this topic turns up more in country western songs than in rock'n'roll songs, and rock is what I enjoy most.  But I scratched my head and came up with some good ones!

This first one, I also used for the Halloween Twisted Mix Tape post. "Long Black Veil" is a haunting song about cheating. The narrator, who is apparently singing from beyond the grave, explains that one night there was some sort of fight in town. One guy was killed, and the other guy ran off. The few witnesses believed the person they saw run off was the narrator, and so he was arrested and brought to trial. The catch? At the time of the murder, the narrator was with his best friend's wife. The wife, therefore, being the one cheating on her husband. If the narrator admitted to the judge that he was with this woman, he would go free. But because he wanted to protect her, he stayed silent. And the woman he was with just lets him get hanged for a crime he didn't commit.
Makes me shiver every time I hear it. Have a listen!

Next, a song by my favorite band, The Beatles! In "No Reply," the sad narrator seems to be stalking his girlfriend. He goes to her house, and they tell him that she isn't home... but he sees her peer through her window, and later sees her walking hand and hand with another man in his place.

In a very similar story, but with a happier ending, the Rays doo-wopped about another hapless young man who was stalking his girlfriend. He is walking past his girlfriend's house (nothing suspicious here!) and trying to peer in through her windows. All her shades are pulled down tight, but the stalker boyfriend can see the silhouettes of his girlfriend and some other guy kissing. He storms up to the house, bangs on the door, and threatens violence... only to discover that he's at the wrong house! Oops! He isn't even on the right block! Feeling sheepish, he runs all the way to the real house of his girlfriend, who greets him with "Go home, dude, you're drunk!" hugs and kisses. Although the Rays sang the original version, Herman's Hermits version is the one I grew up with, so that is the one I'm posting for. It's a little more catchy, I think!

For a song that makes you just feel kind of slimy, listen to Uncle Kracker's "Follow Me." This is a twist on the usual "girl cheats on guy" song, because the singer is the guy with whom the girl is cheating on someone with. He beckons to her, basically telling her that he is irresistible and he knows she can't help herself. He doesn't want a relationship with her, or even to get to know each other... basically he just thinks they should sleep together, and he's not worried about the fact that she is wearing a ring, nor does he take any responsibility for his part in the affair... he's just in it for a good time. Good old Uncle Kracker!

How about finishing up with a song about cheating that you can really dance to? In what may be the most upbeat song about heartbreak in all of history, "Cecilia" is a woman not to be trusted. One minute she is making love with the singer of the song. He gets out of bed to wash his face, and when he returns to his bed, Cecilia has already taken another lover! The singer is so in love with his beautiful Cecilia that, when she returns to him, he falls on the floor laughing. Some people have pointed out that Cecilia is the name of the goddess of music, and when Paul Simon wrote this song he was really writing about being inspired, and then having writer's block. What do you think?

That's it for my Twisted Mix Tape. By the way, I missed last week because I was super busy trying to catch up with evil school work, and I just ended up posting a draft I had been saving for a rainy day. I sure love my Twisted Mix Tape Tuesdays! I can't wait to read what you guys post!


  1. I think this is the third version of Long Black Veil I've seen this week. Awesome! Love the Beatles and Herman's Hermits choices too!

  2. Love the whole list, but like dream,we can never go wrong with the herman's hermits and the beatles!

  3. I like all the artists you picked (wasn't familiar with Uncle Kracker though) and the Band's version of Long Black Veil is excellent.

  4. hey... 'No Reply' have heard it forever, missed that connotation! This week's theme is pretty much going to be rated 'my favorite'....always interesting when one song makes the rounds... Cecilia (along with Me and Mrs Jones ) is totally getting some air time this week!

    good selectioning!

  5. Great list. I was just telling somebody else that I used to sing Long Black Veil at summercamp as a kid and had no idea what it was about.
    Congratulations on your almost 100th post! Here's a question for you: (two, actually)
    How old were you when you were diagnosed with Asperger's?
    And is there advice you'd give your parents about what made you feel crappy as a kid? I read your autism posts and saw that you mention that it's important to teach our kids that we love them exactly as they are but are there other things? My son is four and I worry that his language delays will soon make him start to feel badly when people can't understand him.

  6. I am so surprised by how many people used Cecilia, but then again.. great minds ;-) Also your second two songs got me thinking about a stalker/cheater song and I can't remember and it's making me CRAZY because it's flying in and out of my brain just out of reach. So thank you for that :-) For real, this is a great list! And since mixtapes take me 3 days to read and comment I will say happy 100th now! AWESOME!

  7. Congrats on your upcoming hundredth, so exciting! Here's a question if you don't mind...what are some things NOT to say to someone with ADHD, autism etc, or things not to say to their parents?

    I had a miscarriage and have a looong list (in my mind) of things NOT to say to someone who has had one, first hand experience. I want to make sure I don't hurt anyone's feelings! Thank you and congrats again!

  8. Love The Band's version of "Long Black Veil".


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