Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Twisted Mix Tape Tuesday: All About Angels!

Hi everyone! This week's Twisted Tuesday Mix Tape is a Dealer's Choice... you get to pick any topic you feel like. And since I'm kind of too lazy to think of anything very creative... I just finished my homework and I still need to work on my room for a while before bed...I decided to do my name. Angel! 

Before I go on, I should clarify... my blogging name is Angel, and my real life nickname is Angel, but my birth name is something else entirely. Part of the way I got the nickname of Angel was because I loved angels so much. Also because when I was a kid I was way younger than most of the people I hung out with (like at least 7 years younger most of the time) and they sort of thought of me as being really young and innocent, so they called me Angel. So it's not that I love songs about angels because they have my name in them! LOL!

This week, we will be hearing songs with "angel" in them. Are you excited? Pop over to Jen Kehl's site if you want to participate!

1. "Angel," by Shaggy. I first heard this song in 2001, while I was in AmeriCorps. I had always loved the song "Just Call Me Angel," and at first listen I thought this was just a modern remix of the song. But as I heard the song more and more often, and I listened to the lyrics, I felt like they applied to me, because of how I was, at the time, known for always taking care of everyone, even if they did nothing for me. (I don't mean little kids, because although I always did take care of little kids, you can't really expect them to do anything in return!)

2. "She Talks To Angels," by the Black Crowes. When I was still a teenager, my best friend at the time always said this song reminded her of me. I'm not sure if it does or not, but I really love the song!

3. "Pretty Little Angel Eyes," by Curtis Lee. OMG, how can you not love this song? I'm pretty sure it is impossible. I'm pretty sure you are dancing right now. You are, aren't you? My dad had the 45 of this when I was a kid, and when my parents were at work my brother and I used to play their records... this was always one of my favorites.

4. "How Do You Talk To An Angel," by The Heights. The year is 1992. The style for all the little children is all flannel shirts and work boots and shaggy hair and scowls. The new hit show on FOX is "The Heights," a drama about a fictional rock band (called, shockingly, The Heights! And also the people in the band live in a town called The Heights.) I loved this show, and especially the first song the band performed, "How Do You Talk To An Angel." I think it became their theme song. It rose to Number 1 on the Billboard Charts. Then it fell. Then Fox cancelled the show, about five seconds after it started. And although I loved this song at the time (I was, like, 12) now that I listen to it again, it isn't that amazing. But I'm including it here anyways because I used to love it so much! 

5. "Waiting On An Angel," by Ben Harper. You may find this song sort of slow and gloomy, but I think it is beautiful! I remember someone had given me a Ben Harper CD as a gift, and for some reason I never listened to it, I guess because I didn't know who Ben Harper was. Then I was in the car with a friend I had at the time, and this song was playing on the CD player, and I loved it instantly. I asked who sang it, and they told me, "Ben Harper!" So of course, when I got home, I was thrilled to discover that the Ben Harper CD I already owned had this song on it. It is like a lullaby!

That is it! That is five! I have taken you from hip-hop, to rock 'n' roll, to some sort of odd grunge type song, to a lovely spiritual song. That is why I love Twisted Tuesday so much! 

What is your favorite angel song?


  1. My favorite is The Heights How Do You Talk To An Angel.

  2. Well done on your Angel list. My favorite angel song would be Send Me an Angel - by The Scorpions.

  3. Angel I am so glad you join us every week right now! This list is really beautiful. I always loved She Talks to Angels, kind of the same way I love Little Wing. Although I feel like the first is more melancholy... This is perfect. And yes, dancing to Curtis Lee!

  4. I liked how you built the list around your nickname. I really like the Black Crowes song. I used to listen to that all the time..

  5. Nice List! I found myself liking the BEn Harper and that one from the TV show 'How Do You Talk To an Angel' (don't watch the TV all that much… good song tho).

    Hey seeing how Dream has started (suggested 'Angel' songs…lol) my pick is 'Angel' Jimi Hendrix you might enjoy.

  6. Some really nice choices here. Let me help you with some others that have been around for years you might enjoy. Rod Stewart ("Angel"), Charley Pride ("Kiss An Angel Good Morning"), Bonnie Raitt ("Angel From Montgomery"), Cowboy Junkies ("Misguided Angel"), Gregg Allman ("I'm No Angel"), Martina McBride ("Wild Angels"), and Merrilee Rush ("Angel Of The Morning") just to name a few. Well done!

  7. Great list! I kept expecting to see Sarah McLachlan, but I'm actually really glad I didn't. ;)

  8. OMG I <3 Ben Harper and think it's awesome that your nickname is Angel! Love your list!!!
    Hey who sang that song "Just call me angel in the morning, baby!" It's awesome (and really old).

    1. It was done several times, I think, but the one I've heard most is by Merrilee Rush.


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