Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Meet My New Hooty Friend!

Hi everyone! I am having a good day today and I've been in a happy mood all day! I don't know why. Maybe it is because I am on THANKSGIVING VACATION all week! When I was a kid we did not have Thanksgiving vacation. We had Thanksgiving off, and the day after. But now a lot of schools get the whole week. I've been told it is because a lot of families go out of town anyway that week, so attendance is very low. In order to adjust it so they can get the most funding (which is somehow affected by daily attendance rates) they just give the kids the whole week off and call it Teacher Institute days. Its all the same, really... no work for me!

So today I slept in for a while, and then I did some laundry, and then I went out to lunch with my parents. When you leave the house with my mom for any reason, you may never return. Going out to lunch turned into a day long shopping trip! We went to two different Marshalls stores, and to JCPenneys. We were looking for a snowsuit for Squeak, who is going to be coming to visit in a few weeks. He is going to be shocked and dismayed by how cold it is here, so he needs a really warm snowsuit! Except my mom says he can't actually play in the snow in his snowsuit, because the feet parts are sewn on, or something like that. 


At Marshalls, I found this really cool thing that I wanted to get for Squeak, which is a stuffed animal that can be microwaved to make it warm, and it has a calming scent in it. Only then I remembered that Bro and Sunny don't have a microwave! I thought maybe they could put it in the oven instead, but my mom said it would probably catch on fire that way, so I decided to forgo getting one for Squeak for the time being. But the stuffed animals were so adorable! And you know I have a soft place in my heart for stuffed animals. I also have a soft place in my heart for things that smell good. I am a very sensory-seeking person. So I ended up getting one for myself! Meet my new Heatable Hooty! 
Bringing Hooty home

Hooty warming up

I popped Hooty in the microwave for 90 seconds, as directed by the box. When I took him out, he was all warm and smelled pleasantly of lavender! It is really cold in my house, and even though I am wearing wool pants under my jeans and also a fleece sweatshirt, I was still really cold, so I was glad to have Hooty to warm me up! I am planning to heat him up again right before I go to bed, so I can put him on my pillow and he can help me fall asleep. I was thinking to myself that he'd probably also come in really handy whenever I have an earache, or a headache, because I can just lay right on him and let him relax my muscles.
Hooty comforts me and keeps me warm!

This is not a sponsored review... obviously, seeing as how I just told you I bought Hooty at Marshalls with my own money a few hours ago... but I thought I would post about him anyways because I like him, and some people might appreciate interesting ideas for holiday or birthday presents for kids. 

When I was looking at some of the Amazon reviews, a few people worried that this would be a really dangerous toy to give a kid. So I just wanted to point out, Hooty is not necessarily meant to be a toy. He's more of a comfort item. He'd make a nice stuffed animal even if you didn't heat him up. But definitely, if he's going to be heated, an adult should do the heating. If Hooty gets too hot, and your child cuddles him, obviously there is a burning risk. So make sure to follow the directions for microwaving, and don't put him in there for too long. I put him in for a minute and a half, and he was nice and toasty. If you're microwaving him for a child, make sure to test him to make sure he's not too hot. His stomach seems to get the hottest, so pay special attention to that area. I also shook him around a little to mix up the material inside so there wouldn't be any super "hot spots." 

Okay, now you can mock me for being like a little kid and getting a stuffed heatable animal! You know you would enjoy one too. He smells so nice, even now that he's cooled off, and he's so soft and squishy!

Another thing I just thought of... I like the smell of lavender, but not everyone does. I think the company chose lavender as the scent because it is a naturally calming aroma. A lot of baby lotions made with natural ingredients use lavender, especially those meant to help the baby fall asleep or be comforted. But if a child hates the smell, or is really sensitive to it and gets headaches or something, it won't work! So you might want to check before you get this as a gift for a child you don't know well. If anyone knows of similar products that come with different scents, or even unscented, let me know! 

Okay. Right now I am still happy... I am listening to Vampire Weekend and catching up on my blog reading. I wish every day was like this one! 


  1. I think Hooty is adorbs and perfect. Who doesn't want a warm body to snuggle and also smells fantastic and calming? Right now I can snuggle my dog who is warm, but she smells awful. --Lisa

  2. I love those neck things that you can heat up and wrap around your neck...I imagine a Hooty is kind of like that, except for snuggling. I have a feeling that Hooty would get some snuggling from two of our pups and then would end up in pieces, because that's what they seem to do with their stuffed animals! They literally love them to pieces.


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