Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I Have A Surprise!

Hi everyone! A few weeks ago I mentioned that I had a little surprise I was getting ready to reveal.a small surprise. Well, for lack of anything more interesting to write about today, I'm going to tell you the good news! 

A while ago, kind of on the spur of the moment, I wrote a short children's story. I kind of planned that I might get it self-published. Then, one day I saw a website for a small, independent book publisher that was looking for new authors. I sent them my story. And they accepted it!

So, I am going to be a published author. 

I am not going to be a rich, famous author. This publisher is very small... they are currently working with only about seven authors I think, including me. I guess it is sort of like a halfway step between self-publishing and a big publishing house. I won't get free copies of the book or anything, but they will professionally design the cover and a marketing plan and all that stuff. 

Also, I am illustrating the story myself. This may not be such a great thing, because I am in no way a professional illustrator or artist. But this publishing house doesn't have its own illustrators that it works with, so my choices were either to draw my own pictures, find an illustrator to collaborate with, or somehow buy artwork. I thought it would be fun to draw my own. 

Now, here's the catch, for some of you. Well, most of you. There are a few people from my real life that I allow to see this blog. Due to the fact that there are people in my real life whom I do not want to find this blog, and there are people out there from my past life that I don't want to be able to google my legal name and find out so much about what is going on in my life, I never want to mention my legal name or any versions of it on this blog. 

However, I do want to share this book with my readers, because I do trust you guys and I want to share with you when I have something good happening! And being a published author (even a smalltime one) is a good thing! So here is my plan. 

If you are someone I only know from the Blogosphere, but you want to hear about my book and keep updated with my other writing endeavors, you can email me at When I get my new author website set up, I will send you a link to it, and you can find out my real identity! That will probably be really exciting from you. You will probably barely be able to contain yourself!

As of right now, the illustrations are still in progress. Between work and school, I've barely had time to work on them. I'm trying to complete one illustration a day, so that probably in a week or so I will be able to send them all in to the publisher. 

I have to admit.... I'm excited. Really excited. But I'm almost afraid to admit it. You know how they say, don't put all of your chickens in one basket, and don't count your eggs before they hatch? Well, I'm afraid to put any of my chickens in a basket together, and I don't want to count any of my eggs before they hatch! It could be bad luck, couldn't it!

Now, because i love you guys, I am going to give you a sneak peek at one of the illustrations!
So I guess I should tell you what the story is about, or else this picture
won't make much sense. It is a fairytale about a princess who has no hair.
Up until now, she's been perfectly happy with no hair. But one day
someone asks her about it. In this picture, she is going for a walk with her
mother and telling her she sort of wishes she had hair. 
That's enough excitement for one day. Simmer down, and get back to work! 


  1. Well done! I think your illustration is very nicely executed. Best wishes on completing your book so you can enjoy the thrill of holding it in your hands!

    1. Thanks! I just turned in my cover illustration today, and will be sending the rest of the illustrations this weekend..

  2. That is awesome! How exciting! I will certainly buy a copy for my girls!

    1. I'll add you to the list so I can let you know when my website is up! I have a bunch of ideas in my head for more children's books, if this one goes well!


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