Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Black Friday?

i wish life was more like the FUN kind of rollercoaster!
Hi everyone! I hope you all had great Thanksgiving celebrations! Mine was okay. My family is a little odd because all of the ages of my cousins and I are spread out... there is me and my brother, and then two cousins who are in their 20's, and then the other cousins are ages 11, 9, 8, and 4. I am in an awkward place in my family because I am the only cousin over the age of 18 who still lives in the state of Illinois, let alone stays in their childhood home with their two parents. So a lot of the time at family gatherings, I get grouped as one of the children... not like I am a small child, but more like as if I were a teenaged cousin. I'm always kind of expected to stay down in the basement and supervise all the children while they play. 

I totally don't mind spending some time with them. In fact, I usually organize some sort of craft or activity for them when the family gathering is at my house. They are all very sweet little kids. But I don't get to spend any time at all with any of the adults in my family, unless some of them come down to check on us. 

I kind of want to stand up for myself and say that I will do a craft or activity with the kids but then I am going to go be with the adults. But then I would look like a total asshole for not wanting to hang out with my cousins. And I do want to hang out with them... but not exclusively, not as if my place in the family always has to be as a babysitter for the little kid!

Except of course for Squeak. When Squeak is here I will want to watch him all day long! 

Maybe I'm just moody, anyway. I've been a rollercoaster. Simple things make me happy or sad. I get so happy about little things like baked macaroni and cheese, blog comments, and learning Spanish. I was happy this morning because I was texting Auntie M, but then I got sad and homesick when I started thinking about how I wont see her or Uncle J for a really long time still. Happy... then sad... then happy... then sad... I annoy my own self! 

Anyways... so today my mom and I got up early and did the Black Friday thing. My mom wanted to look for more things for Squeak She keeps looking for a snowsuit for him. We already have two different snowsuits for him but she keeps wanting a different kind or a different size or something. While she was lamenting about the snowsuits at Carsons, I wandered into the toy section, where I found a huge sale! It took me about five minutes flat to find the perfect gifts for all four of my little cousins and Squeak! I even wrapped them already! I am totally on top of things.

I spent the rest of the day doing arts and crafts because I am making a lot of gifts. I got store-bought things for the little kids because it is harder to make toys and stuff that kids would like... but I am making stuff for a lot of the grown ups. But not my mom. She wants ear buds.

I really wish I could show you all the stuff I have been making! When it works out well, I get so excited and start jumping up and down and spinning like crazy, which you would probably think is weird if you saw me, but in my house nobody even notices anymore! I was jumping up and down for like twenty minutes today when I finished one of the presents for my brother! I even start thinking, maybe I should start an Etsy shop and make some money... but then when I look on Etsy, I see everything there is made so carefully and professionally. My arts and crafts projects are like me... quirky, colorful, and not perfect! 

I wish I could show you everything I made so far. I can't show you, because certain people (like Sunny) peruse this blog sometimes, and they'd see what they're getting. But I am taking pictures, and after Christmas I will post the things I made... and maybe even write up some tutorials so people can make their own. 

Also... I already mentioned this on Facebook I think, but the children's book I wrote goes into print tomorrow, and you can actually already order it today from the website! I don't want to link to it here because it is published under my secret identity... but because I trust my readers, if you are interested, message me or comment here and I will personally send you the link to my top-secret website. 

OK I am going to end this blog entry now and go back to my arts and crafts making!

By the way, tomorrow is the last day of NaBloPoMo. And I successfully completed every single day! What do I get? A million dollars? 

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