Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Getting Organized While Falling Apart

HI everyone! Checking in for the third day of NaBloPoMo! 
SO you may have remembered me posting that my mother told me I have to either organize her room to her liking, or she will throw away all my stuff. My mom left for Florida today, so I have three days to get my room organized. I pretty much have worked on it all day long today.

Interesting side note...Some time this morning, my dad said he was walking to the hardware store in town. And about half an hour later he came back, drunk as a skunk! Wondering which hardware stores are serving alcohol these days. I don't care at all... he's having fun while my mom is away... but I mean he's like "Whshfdkfhksdldfg? SSldkjs;? Wheeeee!" I was going to ask him to move some boxes from my room to the garage... which he offered to do today... but when he came home and I asked him to do it, he was like, "Lkeoiddkfhsfh? Whooooo!" So... yeah. 

Anyway, my biggest accomplishment for the day is cleaning my closet. I worked really hard on it. Here's a "Before" picture...
See all the junk piled up on the floor?

And here are some pictures of my closet now. 
I bought a little shelf thingy for my shoes. Previously, even though you can't really see in the picture, they were all in a basket of chaos on the floor. I also got rid of a lot of old pairs of shoes that were worn out. I have a lot of trouble parting ways with my shoes. It is like they go everywhere with you for so long, it is hard to throw them out! I did save my favorite old pair (some red Kangaroos) for river shoes. 

I also bought a hanging sweater shelf for all of my sweaters. This should make it a little easier to find clothes in there. The thing I'm most worried about? Behind those clothes and the sweater shelf, on this side of the closet, is the door to the attic. Whenever my parents have to go in there, they just grab my clothes (hangers and all) and dump them on my bedroom floor, and leave them there. Then they get mad at me for my clothes being on the floor, despite having been dumped there by them. (Well, my mom, anyways...) My hopes is that, when they need to go into the attic, they will carefully remove the whole sweater hanger and put it somewhere safe, instead of just grabbing it off the hanger and knocking all the sweaters all over the place!

I still have a ton to do in the rest of the room. My dad said the best thing to do will be to pack everything that I do not use on a day-to-day basis... which is most of it, because who really uses all their stuff every day? For instance, I have a ton of books, but I don't read all of them every day! I packed most of them, and just left out a few newer ones that I thought my mom might want to borrow. 

I am basically thinking of it as beginning to pack for when I move out west this summer. The more clutter I get rid of now, the easier it will be to pack up. I'm thinking all my junk (including the boxes and boxes of teaching supplies I've collected since beginning college, some of which I actually got to use in student teaching and in teaching summer school) will never fit in my little car, and I doubt I can drive a UHaul, so I'll have to splurge on a real moving truck! 

Okay, I'd better get back to cleaning. Send me some encouragement and ideas! 


  1. So proud of you for the work you've done...not for your mom...but for ONN! Don't give up on the idea of U Haul, someone could fly out to you and tow the car. Done that before!!!!

  2. Hi! Visiting this post after reading your comment on my blog. The closets look so similar in the after pics! You're right, organizing kind of feels like a new beginning! That's what my whole blog is about, lol. Awesome job, and happy organizing!


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