Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Twisted Mixtape - Halloween Edition!

Hi everyone! I have peeled myself off of my sickbed (I've had the stomach flu since Saturday night) to participate in this week's Twisted Mixtape! I didn't want to miss it, because I already had some songs I wanted to post.

If you have a blog and you want to play along, here are the rules: "Five songs (give or take). Stick to the theme (as best you can). Check out the other players (everyone wants to share their tunes with you). Create a mix, not a “hey look at all the cool songs I know” we’re not snobs, if you were our best bud and you were gonna make us a tape, what would it be? And share this party so more people will play next week!"

You can go over to Jen Kehl's blog to link up! 
And now, for some scary music. 
1. Little Red Riding Hood! I used to hear this song on the Oldies station when I was a kid, and I loved it. I don't think this is the official video, since it is just pretty much a picture of a wolf. But the song is scary, right? There is a big bad wolf involved, and everything!

2. Werewolves Of London! (Official video!)"I saw a werewolf with a Chinese menu in his hand..." What could be scarier than that? Kid Rock also stole the beginning rif for his song "All Summer Long." That is scary too.

3. Sunday Bloody Sunday. "Broken bottles under children's feet, bodies strewn across the dead end streets..." I've always loved this song, but I recently learned that it is about a true event that happened in Ireland in 1972. "Bloody Sunday" refers to an incident when 26 unarmed civil rights protesters were attacked by British soldiers. Thirteen people, including seven teenagers, died. Five were injured when they were run over by army vehicles. When U2 performed this song, Bono would say that it was "not a rebel song," which probably didn't mean much to Americans... but what he meant was, he did not want protesters in Ireland to use it as a battle song which could lead to more injuries and deaths.
Scary, right? Let's give it a listen!

4. White Winter Hymnal. "And Michael you would fall, and turn the white snow red as strawberries in the summertime..." The beautiful melody to this song has creepy lyrics to go with it. Nobody seems to be quite sure what the song means. Not even the artists themselves. Watching the video will leave you even more confused. What do you think?

5. Oxford Comma. (WARNING- BEWARE OF FALLING F-BOMBS! IF YOU HAVE SMALL CHILDREN IN THE ROOM, YOU MIGHT WANT TO TELL THEM TO GO AWAY!)This is a recent favorite of mine. It's not really scary, but I decided to include it on this list for two reasons. One, the name of the band is Vampire Weekend. VAMPIRES, dudes! Two, the video has some creepy moments in it. See for yourself! 

6. Long Black Veil. I know we're only supposed to have five songs, but I just remembered this one, that I had been planning to use, and I couldn't possibly delete any of the other ones. Listen to this creepy song of haunting and betrayal!

That's it for this week! I really love this meme... I love music, so there is nothing more fun for me than compiling mix tapes and listening to what other people like! Now I'm going to go post this, and read some of the other posts. 


  1. Little Red Riding Hood is one I wished I'd thought of. And anything to do with oxford commas is scary enough to make my head explode. Great list!

  2. Now Red Riding Hood has a couple of scary associations! This was eerie and perfect for halloween!

  3. You're in the running for my new BFF. Fleet Foxes and Vampire Weekend in one list? Yes!
    Seriously though, I'm glad to have met another soul who appreciates VW. All of my friends, even my obscure music loving friends, hate them. I force them on my boyfriend and that makes him hate them even more.

  4. Ah oooo...Wherewolves of London! That's a favorite. Excellent!

  5. So Little Red Riding Hood was on one of my first mixtapes I made for TMT ever! So love it of course, did you see the version done to a Betty Boop video?
    Also never heard that Vampire Weekend song, and I love it, but it has the F word in it so I can't listen to it around my child, who I am with constantly. I wish bands would not use unnecessary swear words. I'm not prude, but the kid is 8, he doesn't need to hear that yet. How bout who gives a crap? I could do that... sorry. I feel a blog post coming on :-)
    Thanks again for a great post! I am so happy you played even sick and hope you are much better now!!

  6. I haven't heard "Little Red Riding Hood" in years. I'd forgotten how creepy I found it as a kid.

  7. Great idea to include "White Winter Hymnal" on this list!! I absolutely love that song--it's gotta be one of the most beautiful, and that whole album, actually, from the last 10 years-- but I never know how to interpret the lyrics. And the ones you referenced in your post--the red in the snow-- of course makes me think of blood. So someone was hurt or killed? But the song sounds so happy in a way, too, right? Again, great choice(s) in your post!
    And thanks for reading and leaving a comment on my post (the one about some of Concrete Blonde's spookier songs)!


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