Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

This Has Been Good For Me!

Sunset picture I took at the Oregon Coast!
 Okay, I was supposed to leave Oregon on Monday, but I keep putting it off one more day. The final date is Friday. I have to go home. My online classes have started, and the vacation money I've saved has been dwindling away!
I think this trip has been so good for me in so many ways. I have really been stuck in a rut for the last few years. The dramatic "breakup" with my former best friend and her family a few years ago, followed by my not being able to get a teaching job, and my unpleasant year of working as an aide at a school where they thought I was incompetent... not one of these things alone could have crushed me. But all of them, one after another, did manage to knock me down. Especially that last job I had. It really drained my confidence. And I was just stuck in this life where I was just in a hole, not going forward, not going anywhere. 
Being on my own and coming out here forced me out of my comfort zone. I had to realize that I have the ability to do a lot of different things... things I actually used to do when I was younger, but had given up on in recent years. Simple things, like taking public transportation on my own and talking to people.
The most important thing I learned here was that I can be different, and still be awesome. In the past I have often felt like, because I can't do things in the same way that other people typically can do, I shouldn't do them at all. For instance, going to a Meetup somewhere, even if it is at a crowded place... if I don't think I can "fake like I'm normal," then I shouldn't go at all. For instance if there were people meeting to hang out at a bar, I probably wouldn't go because I would look and feel awkward. But what if I went without thinking at all about how I would look? If I decided it was okay even if I just sat in one place all night and watched everyone and listened to music and drank Dr. Pepper. Or what if I went to a job interview without being nervous that the interviewer would see through me and know that there's something wrong, and instead just acted like myself? 
I hope I can hang onto this feeling, even after I go back to Chicago. 

By the way, October is ADHD Awareness Month, among other things! I wanted to do something cool for the month, so I'm going to be posting a photo of a famous person with ADHD every day. THe first one is... 
John Lennon!
Okay, I don't think he was diagnosed with ADHD, since they didn't really have it as a diagnosis back when he was a kid. But he did have dyslexia, and he got in trouble a lot at school and had trouble focusing. Many ADHD experts who have researched more about John Lennon than I have claim that he probably had ADHD. What do you think?


  1. I'm so glad the trip has been so good for you!!! Isn't the Oregon Coast amazing?

  2. I hope things have gotten better for you since you returned home!


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