Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Grab Your Calculators, Everyone!

I need to save up! 
 After returning from my journey through California, Oregon, and Washington, my goals were to: 
1. Enroll in online classes to get my Early Childhood Education approval
2. Find a job
3. Start saving up money
4. Plan for my move out to the Pacific Northwest. 

I completed Number One while I was actually still staying with Auntie M and Uncle J... my classes are all online, and I was even able to order Kindle versions of my text books, so I actually started school while I was in Washington. 

I am proud to announce that I achieved Number Two just yesterday! I got hired to work as a paraeducator (aka teacher's aide) in a special education class not far from where I live. I start Tuesday. To answer your question, I have no idea what kind of class or grade level I'll be working in. I won't fidn out until I get there. All I know is, I'll be making $11.31 an hour. Which brings me to Number Three.

When I was in school studying for my teacher certification, I had financial aide as well as a loan package. The loan package for the entire 4 years left me with a lot of debt. The idea being that, once you are a certified teacher, you can certainly afford to pay off this debt in monthly increments of $200. Except, if you don't get a teaching job, it doesn't work so well.

I was counting on getting financial aide again for my ECE classes, but I found out that, because I'm taking classes towards an approval letter and not a degree program, I don't qualify for financial aide at all. So I owe my new school $3,000 for the semester. Which is not much, compared to my last school. But...

Lets do some calculations. As a teacher's aide, I'll be paid to work only during student hours, which amounts to less than 6 hours a day, including the unpaid lunch break. Because I'm no good at thinking about taxt deductions and everything, lets say I am getting paid for 5 hours a day, 5 days a week, adding up to about one hundred hours per month. Multiplied by 11, that comes to $1100 a month. I'll be starting on October 15 and working until the beginning of June, so basically that is 7.5 months, which means that, by the end of the school year, I'll have made about $8,250, not even accounting for the unpaid winter and spring school breaks. 

Now ponder this. My total tuition for this semester plus next semester will be $6,000. $8,250 - $6,000 = $2,250. And out of that remaining $2,250, I will have to pay for health insurance, car insurance, gas, text books, my phone bill, and my outstanding student loans. And somehow also save up enough to get to Oregon and support myself through the summer. 

I've never been good at math, but even I can tell you that these numbers don't add up well for me! 

It looks like I'm going to have to find a second job. 

I've applied for babysitting jobs, respite care jobs, and afterschool tutoring jobs. In the mean time, if anyone knows of a great way to make a few extra dollars online, let me know! But not, like, one of those survey taking sites, where you can make up to ten whopping dollars per year. Or one of those things where I pay someone to tell me how I can make thousands of dollars by getting other people to pay me to tell them how they can make thousands of dollars. 

Oh yeah, and not one of those sites where you get your friends to throw parties and buy stuff. I don't have any friends, remember?

But other than that... I'd love to hear your ideas! This is Operation Northwest, aka ON! 

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  1. Can you have your loans deferred while you're doing the Early
    Childhood classes? If you can at least it will buy you a little extra time. I have a bunch of student loans I have to start paying on soon, too. I also can't find a teaching job, it's a huge bummer! I feel like I should back to school to do something other than teaching.

    I love the Pacific Northwest! When we lived in California we went up to Portland many times. I always dreamed of living in Oregon or Washington!


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