Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Neurodiversity Awareness/Appreciation

Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Next Piece Of My Journey

This is the alien version of Squeak, my favorite baby ever!
 I think it is a little awkward to write "sister-in-law" every time I talk about my sister-in-law, and I couldn't think of a good abbreviation (Sil sounds kind of weird) so in this blog I am going to call her Sunny. My bro can just be Bro, and Squeak is still Squeak. Got it? Good!

Anyway, yesterday I left California. The whole family drove me to the bus station. And I was totally calm. (I kind of manipulated my chances of staying calm, by doubling up on my meds, as I learned to do over summer vacation) I was riding in the backseat, and Pibble was sprawled on my lap and the baby was peaceful in his car seat, and I was sad to be leaving but I was dealing with it okay. 

I kind of felt tears start to build up as I went into the station, bought my ticket, and checked my baggage. I walked back to the car, where everyone was waiting, to say goodbye. 

When Sunny opened the car door so I could say goodbye to Squeak, that is when my tears burst out! I could barely manage to choke out the words, "Bye, Squeak," before I was bawling! I really didn't want to leave! If I could have stayed forever, I would have.

Bro and Sunny tried to remind me that they are coming to stay at my parent's house at Christmas time, and we'll all get to spend Squeak's first Christmas together. I figured out that they'll be coming in about eleven weeks (which sounds way shorter than "almost three months.) And if I get a job, I can visit them again in California over my spring break, which will probably be about three months after Christmas. 

So I managed to get on the bus and it drove away calmly. I didn't want to read or listen to music or anything because everything reminded me of something at their house, so I just kind of sat there and after a while I fell asleep. 

Today I am feeling a little better. I rode the bus all night to get to my aunt and uncle's house. I slept on and off, squashed in the bus seat, and I had breakfast at a truck stop at four-thirty in the morning. By the time I reached my final destination, I was feeling okay... and when Roo, my aunt and uncle's awesome dog, jumped out of the car and leapt into my arms licking me with joy, I felt better. 

But then I accidentally called her "Pibble"... and it brought all  my homesickness back. (I get homesick for places that aren't my home. Weird, right?) 

Luckily, when we got to their house, Roo needed a walk. My aunt and uncle live in a wooded area with tons of trails, and they take Roo for an hour long walk each day. So I went with my uncle on a long hike with Roo, and my uncle showed me a lot of cool things, like a water fall, and a small little pine tree that he says people decorate every Christmas, and a tree growing out of a tree stump, and the place where he once saw a Nutria, and the difference between Douglas fir trees and Cedar trees (both of which I thought were Redwoods because they were so tall!) And it started raining, and we came upon another hiker that had a dog that Roo likes to play with, and then we came back. I felt much better. The hike cleared up all my spiraling. 

So now I am here, for at least a few days, hanging out with my aunt and uncle and Roo! 

Tune in later for more, if you want! 


  1. A truck stop breakfast at 4:30 sounds fascinating. I bet you saw a variety of people in that diner! Because you're such a good storyteller, I nominated your blog for an award. Come by to pick it up:

  2. I'm glad you had a good trip! Leaving sucks!


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